731-735 Darling Street Rozelle NSW 2039

Demolition of existing at-grade car park and part of existing retail building, with retention of the heritage facade, entryways and awning. Excavation for one basement level and Construction of a four-storey shop-top housing development, including: 370 m2 of retail floorspace on the ground floor, and 16 residential units on levels 1 to 3; and 23 car spaces and a loading dock, across the ground and basement levels.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 2 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Inner West Council (Leichhardt), reference D/2017/491)


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  1. Yvonne Shen commented

    My property adjoins the proposal at 10 Cambridge Street
    My concerns are listed below but not limited to
    1. Line of sight privacy into the back yard due to height of the new units
    2. Noise associated with the new tenants
    3. Increase of shadows/ reduction of natural sunshine across my existing property
    4. Damage to the current tall brick wall along the common boundary
    5. Damage to my existing property with the excavation should it proceed.
    6. Limitations of future repairs/ improvements associated with my 1890s building @
    10 Cambridge if access required along the common boundary
    7. Future extensions improvements, in line with my existing neighbours in Cambridge
    St, denied due to new neighbours whose line of site may be affected
    8. Traffic..
    8.1. general increase in movements
    8.2. navigating entry to Darling street from Cambridge St

  2. Pamela Woods commented

    This is a beautiful historical building, in character with the surrounds and other buildings in Rozelle/Balmain . The apartments are not in keeping and out of scale with the street facade.

  3. Pat Walcott commented

    I thought parts of this building is heritage listed. Months ago I read the development application and I thought this was the case. Can someone confirm?

  4. Jon Bianchino commented

    This is beautiful Heritage Building and should not be destroyed by another bland and over scaled development built on top of this building; a rear development of some sort might be more appropriate. The Rozelle character and streetscape should be protected at all costs; we don't want the flood gates to be opened and Rozelle becoming another Chatswood.

  5. Ben Rushton commented

    I object to this development based on the design drawings submitted. The proposed development is massively out of scale with the gracious building presently at that location. The use of brutal concrete and gun metal grey aluminium materials rising from behind this quaint and pretty Victorian Darling St facade, is as opposite as anyone could get from keeping with the heritage stylings of the present structure. Nor does this proposal in any way complement the present building. The proposed new structure at Cambridge St side would dwarf the present building to the extent that it would become an odd adjunct when it should in actual fact be the "hero" of the site. Materials used for any additions to the present structure should enhance, not detract from the present building. The plans submitted for this development would indeed be a gross detraction for that end of Darling St.

  6. Gabrielle Coltrona commented

    This application was approved in the Land and Environment Court last month

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