243 Richardson Rd,spring Farm, NSW, Australia

New Commercial - Building - New McDonalds Resturant

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 3 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Camden Council, reference 1088.1/2017)


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  1. Gina commented

    It is absolutely appalling the face that Camden Council would even consider to put a fast food outlet at Spring Farm. After all the controversy caused when McDonalds Camden AND McDonalds Picton. This town is known for the following, Hairdressers, real estate agents, thai restaurants, Italian and chinese restraurants and FAST FOOD OUTLETS. Not only will the restaurant impact the environment, from a rubbish perspective, but this will involve more land clearing.

    Did you know that there is a Fast Food outlet in the following areas:

    Camden - distance away is 4.7km
    Narellan Town Centre - distance away is 3.7 km
    Narellan - distance away 4.2 km
    Mt Annan - Distance Away 4.3 km
    Gregory Hills - Distance away 7.7km
    Macarthur Sqaure - Distance Away 12.0 km
    Campbelltown Mall - Distance Away 12.0 km
    Woodbine - Distance Away 13.8 km
    Campbelltown - Distance away 11.8km

    Does that sum up exactly how unnecessary yet ANOTHER Fast food outlet would be? It isn't for growth, there is plenty of food to support the growth, it is not a necessity and especially not for the Spring Farm Area.

    These areas include a KFC, McDonalds, Red Rooster or Hungry Jacks.
    Did you know that Spring Farm has a PRIMARY SCHOOL located approximately 1.7 KILOMETRES AWAY. Is that a good sign for the kids of the future, to have a junk food outlet so easily accessible? There are also multiple bus stops around which means even more access to such foods for kids. It is seriously appalling that Council would even allow an application to this facility. Spring Farm has been sold as a peaceful area away from the hustle and bustle but yet a short distance to local amenities, such as a recent $200 million dollar expansion to Narellan Town Centre where everything is available.

    Not only is a decision being made next week on a KFC (ANOTHER JOKE) but to have a competitor out there. Why wouldn't Camden Council go out to tender and ask for local cafes, and health food options. How can giants like KFC and McDonalds be made priority.

    What is even more frustrating is the Spring Farm Community get NO SAY. There is no "neighbourhood notification" the notifications go out to areas where houses aren't built. Send out letters to the residents of the East Village and Riverside precincts for people to properly have their say, not via a method that is unreliable, and made up by rumours. Residents should be able to have a CLEAR SAY and not just a bad luck it's happening perspective.

    Camden Council should be better advocates for health wellbeing and proper eating and not just pushovers by food giants. Camden council should be in contact with all those objecting this to further discuss and invite them to discuss in person.

  2. Lauren Weston commented

    We dont need this! We dont even have a news agency or a post office and yet we will have 2 x 24 hour fast food outlets? How about a healthier option?
    A gym instead? Or a community centre with a cafe attached?????

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