174 The Comenarra Parkway, Wahroonga, NSW

Demolition of existing structures, use and construction of a 127 Place child care centre with basement car parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Ku-ring-gai Council, reference DA0270/17)


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  1. George Gleeson commented

    This suggested development application, which covers 3 housing blocks 172, 174 and 176, would only add to the already chaotic traffic around the intersection of The Comenerra Parkway and Fox Valley Road. The traffic problems are already horrendous and cars are trying to find parking in Fox Valley Road, Seymour Close and the adjoin Broadway with little success. This is no place for a child care centre!!!

  2. Sarah Hodges commented

    This area is already so very busy and many afternoons the area around this intersection is delayed by hours.the intersection is a dangous area and is no place for a child care centre!!! This will get add and impact badly on the area.

  3. D. Greenfield wrote to local councillor Duncan McDonald

    The development needs careful planning and consultation with residents prior to approval. There are safety considerations for hospital traffic including emergency vehicles and resident traffic. The area is already congested and adding parents dropping off and picking up small children will be a safety issue. A traffic study should be submitted that accurately records the volumes of traffic and details recommendations for safe and adequate parking and exit and entrance to the traffic zones.

    Child care centres increase vehicles with the parents dropping off and picking up. This will cause additional stress on an already busy intersection. Parents will be slowing down to park as close to the corner to pick up children. This will create frustration for other drivers.

    Quiet intersections or streets are preferable locations for child care centres because of reduced traffic in turn reducing risk of accident to parents and children. Parents can slow down to get the best spot or wait outside the driveway for a vehicle to exit the provided parking area before driving in to park. This cannot be facilitated on the Parkway or Fox Valley Rd because of the proximity to the busy traffic light intersection and traffic volumes.

    Building a child care centre on a busy arterial road would not be a healthy environment for young lungs with a high level of pollution in the air. Playing outside with heavy traffic and sirens whilst breathing in the high levels of pollution is not an ideal environment for growing children.

    A better location to build a child care centre that will give the children healthy clean air and a peaceful quiet environment should be found.

    Delivered to local councillor Duncan McDonald. They are yet to respond.

  4. Steve Davis commented

    This development needs to take into consideration the many implications of the added traffic to this area that a 127 place childcare centre would bring. Firstly the large volume of traffic using the intersection during peak hours is already a problem that is also going to be exacerbated by the new SAN Hospital Specialist centre on the opposing corner. Parking in the area is a major issue since the SAN started charging staff to park on Hospital grounds, those workers have now spilled into our neighbourhood clogging the streets and on numerous occasions obstructing driveways. This is especially evident in Seymour Close... adding more cars to that is not an intelligent idea.

    The entrance and exit to parking facilities so close to the already busy intersection would add increased danger to the children that use that route walking to and from their homes further down Fox Valley Road.

    But the major issue is that Fox Valley Road below The Commenarra is the only exit point for a large populated area Zoned as a Bushfire hazard... adding extra burden to the area with additional vehicular traffic is irresponsible planning.

    I strongly urge you to consider just these few points of which I am sure there are many more as you come to your decision on this development.

  5. Catherine Feurtado wrote to local councillor Jeff Pettett

    After thoroughly reading all documents lodged from the developer I am deeply concerned with the inaccurate traffic analysis. At times it can take up to 40 mins to travel west through the Fox Valley and Comenarra intersection. This means I am late to work, children miss out on sports games/ training and experiencing high level of frustration 'just to get home'. The construction management report suggests that the driveway on Fox Valley Road is used as access for trucks and construction staff during the 12 week demolition and excavation phase and 52 weeks of construction. Really????
    I certainly hope the SAN and RMS quickly improve the road system because it is inadequate for 127 children and 21 staff on a daily basis for 52 weeks/ year, ( except public holidays).

    Delivered to local councillor Jeff Pettett. They are yet to respond.

  6. Danielle Smith commented

    A very busy arterial road that is already suffers severe congestions, is no place for a child care centre, and a large one at that. This poses both a safety concern to the children and also an issue with emergency vehicles, including fire trucks as this is close to a bush fire zone area getting through when they need to. The current road infrastructure around this area already cannot cope. Even though it would be in walking distance to me, I would not choose to send my children to a child care centre in this location, with large levels of pollution.

  7. Michelle Baird commented

    This is an awful area to propose to build this child care complex, as stated by others. This is a very congested area at all times of the day let alone during peak hours when the traffic is at a stand still and it can take up to an hour to move along Fox Valley and Comenarra. If find this proposal very concerning, there must be better areas for a care centre where pollution is not as high and it is not as congested. This will just add to the already prevalent traffic issues we as residents of the area deal with on a daily basis.

  8. Robert Jarmyn commented

    This proposal presents a number of safety, environmental and traffic management concerns.
    The location of the proposed child care centre is at the only exit point to the Fox Valley residential area bound by the Broadway, Seymour Close, Kiogle St, Moona Parade, Leuna Ave, Yannilla Ave, Morona Ave and Eurong street which comprises approximately 350 houses. As the area has been designated as a high fire risk zone by Kurringai council the development of a child care centre will create a significant safety hazard in the event of a bushfire as it will severely restrict access to both fire crews and residents attempting to evacuate.
    Secondly the proposal will place significant strain on traffic flows in an area that is already over capacity. During peak periods Comenarra Parkway and Fox Valley Road experience very high traffic volumes and the influx of 130 additional vehicles to this area during typical childcare centre pick up times will further exacerbate traffic delays and parking issues. This will have significant impact upon both residents, existing businesses and traffic flows in surrounding locations which are already over capacity.
    The proposed location also present a risk to users of the child care centre as both Fox Valley Road and Comenarra Parkway are both busy roads and offer extremely limited parking. Whilst the proposal provides off street parking it is highly likely that additional cars entering and exiting the facility will cause significantly increased traffic burden to through traffic and may place children and then parents at risk of accident upon exiting and exiting the facility.

  9. Tim M-S commented

    Issue 1) "The construction activity will not reduce on street parking on Fox Valley Road or The Comenarra Parkway" an estimated $3.7m construction cost will bring 50+ additional tradesman vehicles. This statement is bias towards the client and will also impact on surrounding neighbors who will retaliate towards tradesman who are trying to work. The construction sequence should be reviewed (construction vehicles to use basement car park) and made a DA condition to ensure they are held to their actions. Furthermore the development needs to be considered with the San's development across the road which will also bring road works to the situation.

    Issue 2) Trucks traveling from Pennant Hills and turning right across double lanes into the development will they be assisted with traffic controllers ? How will this disturb the set of traffic lights that are congested at peak times ?

    Issue 3) When this report was completed it was done without taking into consideration the San's development, which in itself will cause the normal construction chaos if there is an overlap of both developments, Fox Valley shops could have a similar issue to George Street light rail due to not being able to the have adequate parking for the respective clients.

    This could be coordinated correctly which will result in a business growth but could also be detrimental if not. I would hate to see our local shops fall short due to someone else gain.

  10. Brian Freeman commented

    The Child Care Centre (CCC) DA with Ku-ring-gai Council & to a much greater extent, the San Estate State Government approved major development along several hundred metres of Fox Valley Road on both sides & along The Comenarra Parkway will create significant increased traffic volumes everywhere. Previous vehicle 'counts' & imaginary DA intersection predictions on the developer's behalf are bias history!
    Three 'legs' of the badly aligned 4-leg intersection widths require future unimaginable expansion under the NSW approval, at San Estate cost.
    The 4th-leg into/out of Fox Valley residential/village area remains relatively unaltered, however the DA requires the CCC to exit it's 127 clients + staff vehicles there twice daily. KMC must resume DA land for another lane-width/better 4-leg alignment to 'balance' lane numbers/allow more turn options.
    Add the 24/7 San Estate development construction, then the worker's vehicles into the residents only exiting road & you might understand the Fox Valley community anger & CCC/DA opposition. KMC is a financial 'winner'!

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