1086 Burke Road Balwyn North VIC 3104

Post RequestConstruction of fifteen (15) dwellings on a lot, reduction of the standard visitor car parking requirement and alteration to a road in a Road Zone, Category 1.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference Post17/00618)


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  1. Ben Dawson commented

    Another one in the same spot,
    wanting the same car park reduction. This part of Burke rd is already over congested and has poor public transport. On road parking jams the road on a daily basis. Stop it now. If this continues, please rezone the area to stop any further attempts.

  2. Paul Lawrie commented

    This bottleneck, near Kew High School/Belmore road, will become even more congested with additional visitors parking on Burke Road. It will reduce south-bound traffic to one lane, which may result in banking up beyond the High School, to Doncaster Road. This will have detriment for both other residents in the area, school traffic and drivers using Burke Road to head from Heidelburg through to the South.

  3. Geraldine commented

    I couldn't agree more with the previous comments. I live nearby in a small no-through road off Burke Road. The Burke Road congestion has become so bad I now often park my car on the other side of the Stradbroke Park in Bennett Parade so I don’t have to 'do battle' on Burke Road (assuming, of course, a courteous driver on Burke Road will permit me to escape safely from my street).
    The traffic congestion is a result of peak hour traffic, but also because of all the community facilities along Burke Road between Belmore Road / Harp Road and Dickins corner. A big contributor is the high usage of the Stradbroke Park ovals, and the commercial sports operated by Kew Sports at the Kew High School Stadium. These sporting activities operate after school hours including weekday afternoons, evenings and all weekend. Our streets including Burke Road are used as their car park. Also, there are many developments already constructed, in the process of being constructed and soon to be constructed that do not provide sufficient car parking for their residents and visitors. This is why so many residents’ cars are also frequently parked in the public car parks at Stradbroke Park and 1 Belmore Road. Who can blame them? Developers continue to expect Boroondara Council to ignore their own planning scheme by requesting 'reduced visitor parking'. The planning officers have told me there are instances where Council has refused a planning permit for a reduction in the onsite parking provision, only for this to be overturned by VCAT upon appeal. But my experience at a consultation meeting at VCAT was different. The developers agreed to provide the required number of visitor car parks when they realised I was genuine in my objection which described all the contributing reasons for our area as ‘a neighbourhood in distress’. Several local Councillors have also recently demonstrated their commitment to providing support for our community standards and neighbourhoods under traffic stress by refusing to acquiesce to another Burke Road developer asking for a reduction in visitor car parking. I will continue to object to every development asking for any reduction in car parking. But one person can’t make the difference. It is my understanding that if the Council planning officers approve the reduction in the onsite parking provision, there must be over 13 objections to each planning application in order to have our objections heard at a Council meeting. Let’s make sure this happens with every application that requests a reduction in visitor car parking numbers. Our area has become a ‘density sacrifice area’. Let’s not allow further degradation to our local amenity and our liveability.

  4. Geraldine commented

    Me again...Hope I can comment twice? I wish to share another comment on 'Planning Alerts' that l wrote about three months ago for a nearby application on Burke Road Balwyn North but same reason for objecting (reduction in visitor car parking). I've re-posted my comment to highlight the cumulative impact of approving planning permits for a reduction in the onsite parking provision. This is an ongoing issue for local residents:

    Here we go again. Another developer hoping that Boroondara Council will ignore its own Planning Scheme and agree that on-site visitor car parking (ratio 1:5) can be waived. This permit is proof that the applicant is unfamiliar with the ongoing car parking problems in this area. Boroondara Council is aware that this section of Burke Road experiences significant issues with car parking. Discussions to address issues with the car parking in the area commenced several years ago with the following groups:
    • Boroondara Council’s Traffic and Transport Department
    • Boroondara Council’s Local Laws
    • Boroondara Council’s Parks and Gardens Sport Services
    • Boroondara Council’s Mayor and local Councillor
    • Kew High School
    • Kew Sports Stadium Manager
    • Hawthorn Basketball Association
    • Futsal (Outdoor)
    Boroondara Council must know (from contact / complaints from) locals that the demand for visitor parking has greatly increased over the past few years but car parking spaces have not.
    Patron and visitor number increase because the subject site shares its neighbourhood with other community facilities:
    1. The Eva Tilley Memorial Home at 1100 Burke Road, Balwyn North offers occupancy for 120 residents. Visitors and staff are additional. Car parking presents an ongoing challenge within the Eva Tilley car park (entrance Burke Road), and on Burke Road and Nicholson Street (at the rear).
    2. The Kew High School at 1393 Burke Road, Kew East (opposite subject site). Car parking presents an ongoing challenge for parents dropping off / collecting their children. The school’s car park, capacity 73 cars including one disabled car park, is used by the staff during school times.
    3. The Kew High School Sports Stadium at 1393 Burke Road (opposite subject site) provides very high usage for volleyball (Kew Sports runs one of Australia’s Largest Volleyball Associations), basketball and futsal during week nights and throughout the weekends. Car parking presents an ongoing challenge. Most users of the Kew High School Stadium park their cars in Burke Road and in nearby streets (legally and illegally). These users generally do not use the Kew High School park because of poor communication and difficult access.
    4. The Kew High School Renaissance Theatre has seating capacity for 420 and is available for productions by students and the public. Car parking presents an ongoing challenge. When the car park is full, additional car parking has to be found in High St, Burke Road, Bennett Parade and Oxford Street.
    5. Stradbroke Park at 1369 Burke Road. This park is classified in Councils Open Space Strategy as a municipal park with a primary classification of sporting use. It has two lit ovals and it provides very high usage for sport. It has multiple tenants, and car parking presents an ongoing challenge and patrons park in nearby streets (legally and illegally). In addition to sport, the local U3A (University of the Third Age) uses the pavilion 5 days per week and currently has over 900 members.
    There are many multi-dwelling developments along Burke Road in proximity to the subject site. The data below shows that many multi –storey apartments have been constructed, are in the process of being constructed or about to be. Some developments have complied with the Boroondara Planning Scheme with regards to visitor car parking, others have slipped through the net:
    1062-1064 Burke Road: PP08/00647 – Twenty-five dwellings (6 X one bedroom dwellings and 19 X two bedroom dwellings), and twenty-nine car spaces, including four visitor spaces
    1072 Burke Road: PP08/1049 – Seventeen dwellings (1 X one bedroom dwelling, 14 X two bedroom dwellings and 2 X three bedroom dwellings), and nineteen car spaces without any visitor spaces. Observation of the cars parked in the Stradbroke Park car park opposite 1072 Burke Road show residents and /or their visitors use this car park as their own. This option is not available at 1110 Burke Road.
    1082 Burke Road: PP12/00732 - Sixteen dwellings (5 X one bedroom dwellings, and 11 x two bedroom dwellings), and nineteen (19) car spaces, including three visitor spaces
    1084 Burke Road: PP14/00661 – Fifteen dwellings (1 X one bedroom dwelling, 10 X two bedroom dwellings, 3 X three bedroom dwellings and 1 X four bedroom dwelling), and twenty two car spaces including three visitor spaces
    1086 Burke Road: PP14/ 00213 – Fifteen dwellings (15 X two bedroom dwellings), and seventeen car spaces, including two visitor spaces
    1116 Burke Road: PP11/00121 – Eleven dwellings (10 X two bedroom units and 1 X bedroom dwelling), and thirteen car parks including two visitor spaces.
    Developments at 1375 Burke Road: PP15/00924 and 1377 Burke Road: PP16/00230 have been issued planning permits from VCAT, but both proposals are waiting to have amended plans endorsed by Council. I believe both of these developments meet the statutory visitor car parking requirements.
    1110 Burke Road PP16/00948. This application is currently with Boroondara Council’s Planning Department. The applicant has applied to construct five (5) dwellings on the lot, and a reduction in car parking (visitor) and alteration of access to a road within the Road Zone Category 1. Sound familiar??
    I know there are other instances where Council has refused a planning permit for a reduction in the onsite parking provision, only for this to be overturned by VCAT upon appeal. This process costs time and $$. But this is not the biggest cost. A reduction in visitor car parking will be so detrimental to the local area that is already under car parking stress (and traffic congestion!!), particularly when community sport is in progress (most week nights and all weekend). The Council and developers should appreciate that our local amenity requires sensitive planning. The negative impacts of multi –story developments including a reduction in the onsite parking provision must not be approved.

  5. K Dangerfield commented

    Yet another development wanting the same thing - to seriously impact on the already detrimental effects that a reduction in visitor parking will have on the surrounding community. Already these developers do not provide enough parking for the residents who live in these developments and the surrounding streets are becoming congested with extra cars from these apartments who dont have a spot onsite. No one takes this into account when they put forward their obligatory 1 spot per dwelling. Now they want to waiver the amount of visitor car parking as well just to add to the mess.
    This area of Burke Road is extremely over burdened with traffic congestion and parking chaos every single day of the week which fails to be portrayed in the VCAT appeals written on paper and the residents who have to reside amidst the results of their bad decisions are being seriously left for dead yet again. Do not approve this application for anymore reductions in parking.

  6. John commented

    I think its time to move Geraldine. You are surrounded by development

  7. Ben Dawson commented

    Perhaps this area needs a bus lane with clearways 8-10am an 4-7pm. Increase the frequency and speed of the 546 bus to begin with and reduce the traffic.
    If increased density is going to happen in this area, it needs to be accompanied by increased public transport. Clearly Burke rd. cannot handle any more traffic.
    Residents are clearly feeling overwhelmed by this level of development.

  8. Kaye Thompson commented

    Planning should be just that. Why are developers continually requesting visitors parking to be reduced and existing restrictions ignored? It is simply not good enough for council to be an approval only process.

  9. Gabriella commented

    Why? BECAUSE VISITORS' CAR SPACES ARE NEVER ACTUALLY USED BY VISITORS. They are taken up permanently by the occupants in the building, rightly or wrongly. Having more or less of them will not solve any issues or improve anybody's quality of life. Hoping that they would is being naive, putting it politely or ignorant, factually.

  10. Astrid wrote to local councillor Jim Parke

    VCAT needs an inquiry/overhaul along the lines of the Royal Commissions into the financial industry. Mere individual objectors to applications by developers have no chance of winning these car space reduction battles. Developers have deep pockets and well oiled machinery to deal with said objections. Council decisions become irrelevant because VCAT has the ultimate rubber stamp.
    Objecting is a waste of time, money and energy and the result is always the same - more and more congestion, more disgruntled residents and weary objectors who eventually give up.

    Delivered to local councillor Jim Parke. They are yet to respond.

  11. Gerald commented

    Today's tree felling event at 1086 Burke Road Balwyn North is very distressing. The Council arborist assured me last year (September) that the significant canopy tree, Cedrus Deodara (Deodar Cedar), was protected and would be there for many more years. Yes, the removal of the branches last year compromised the appearance of the tree, but I noticed this morning that more upper branches had been removed, and by this afternoon the whole tree has been bulldozed. I also feel gutted! Another magnificent canopy tree has been removed from the area - and on the day when Premier Andrews announced logging of old growth forest has been banned immediately. Pity Boroondara Council can't do same for our old growth canopy trees in our local gardens. Developers win again!

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