89 Fitzroy Street Marrickville NSW 2204

To demolish part of the existing buildings and carry out alterations and additions to use the southern building for vehicle sale and hire and a self storage facility and use the northern building for associated office, staff area and amenities with additional landscape works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201700314)


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  1. Marie commented

    I'm not in favour of this type of development. I question if this is an adequate size site for what's intended here. It looks like one big ugly car park & workshop for run down looking vehicles. I use to pass Balmain rentals when it was located off Johnston st, it always looked like an eye sore. Can more trees be planted to totally screen it better if plans are past? Balmain rentals customers currently seem to park on Fitzroy st as is and that leaves residents on Fitzroy st parking on Edinburgh road, this effects us as residence of Edinburgh road. What parking restrictions can be put into place to protect local residence of Fitzroy st & Edinburgh rd if the plans are approved? The increase noisy truck traffic it will generate is also a concern, I've experienced this since they have come to the area. What are intended hours of operation? The signage proposed looks pretty dated and ugly.

  2. Martin Naphegyi commented

    I live and work approx 25 metres on the opposite side of the street of this business.
    The owner Ray has always said he is "Just trying to run a business". I have no problem with that. The problems i have are as follows. The site is too small for the amount of trucks and utes he hires to the public. When people hire his vehicles they park their vehicles on the already very busy street, so there is no reprieve from parking congestion. Without any exaggeration, refuge from their cars, cleaning out of debris from trucks before they return them or dumping crap on the street they have no place for, has increased ten fold since this business moved here from Rozelle. I have a driveway that i use to load and unload materials, day and night. On many occasions my driveway is partially blocked by these above mentioned vehicles. So it seems only fair to surmise, any further approvals would exacerbate and erode conditions as explained above. The site itself is an eyesore. More trees or shrubs need to be planted to cover this mess. NOT REMOVED !

  3. Kim Tukian commented

    It was only this morning (Sunday at 7am) that I drove down Fitzroy Street and was shocked at what looked like a freight terminal. Both sides of Fitzroy Street was bumper to bumper with trucks. Along with the handful of Daily Juice trucks which are 'normal' there were 10's of Balmain Rental trucks. I felt so sorry for the residents of Fitzroy and Edinburgh Streets/Road. Why are these streets being used as free parking for businesses? As a local resident the visibility whilst turning around corners was adversely affected. Dreadful. Shouldn't be allowed.

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