20 Sadlier Crescent Petersham NSW 2049

To demolish existing improvements and construct a 5 storey residential flat building containing 28 units of infill affordable housing with basement parking

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201700311)


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  1. M. Matheson commented

    This proposal is like one of Salim Mehajer's wet dreams.

    Proposing a five storey concrete block adjoining single-storey homes is both unacceptable and WRONG.

  2. M. Munro commented

    This proposal is totally out of keeping with the character of the street, which is narrow and subject to congestion already.
    5 stories and 28 units built on a block of just over 330 square metres is ludicrous. If every square metre was built on:
    330 x 5 = 1650 square metres. Divide that by 28 units and each unit is under 59metres square , then subtract corridors, stair wells etc. The purchase price was around $2 Million. How much to build? Then make a profit......... Affordable housing or bed-sit rooms?
    Please Marrickville Council, reject this nonsense out of hand.

  3. Joel commented

    Further to the comments above regarding appropriateness of maximum twenty-eight 59m2 "apartments" (and more likely 20-30m2 after footprint considerations) and five stories around one and two stories houses is not appropriate.

    If the whole block had been acquired and the development was more wholistic then the developer would have a better opportunity.

    Further, Inner West Council better check their application. The DA links to https://gotrim.marrickville.nsw.gov.au/WebGrid/default.aspx?s=PlanningDocuments&container=DA201700311 which is invalid.

  4. Petra Jones commented

    This surely must by a joke. I've never seen a more ludicrous application. I would hate to be the owners of the neighbouring properties who will be negatiely impacted by this development. Please reject this.

  5. K Tukian commented

    I strongly encourage Council to reject this proposal outright. How the applicant sees this proposal as remotely sensible or appropriate for the location is unbelievable.

  6. Rex commented

    I'm keen, because if council approves this i can ask my neighbor to sell with me and encourage the new buyer to build an even bigger block, because our land would be just ever so slightly larger. we could get 55 maybe 56 units in. a gold mine!

  7. J Vee commented

    This application is excessisuve in its scope and will impact negatively on the amenity of the area and the rights of neighbouring properties to enjoy appropriate privacy. A 5 storey apartment block is not in keeping with the streetscape of Sadlier Cr and would strongly negatively affect the existing residents of this street. This area is already congested and the density of this development would make the reasonable use of amenity impractical and unworkable. I urge to reject this DA outright

  8. Sharon Fajou commented

    In addition to all the sensible points already stated..
    Traffic on this intersection is appalling and you want to put a five storey apartment block there?
    Seems unreasonable and not thought through very well.

  9. J O'Callaghan commented

    I object to this DA as it is totally out of keeping with the scope and nature of this largely single-storey residential street, which is narrow and already subject to traffic congestion already. In terms of scale, 5 stories and 28 units built on a block of just over 330 square metres is totally inappropriate.

  10. Z Hos commented

    I strongly object to this DA. I live around the block and this street is far too narrow.Plus the traffic is already a nightmare. It is also totally out of character from the neighbouring housing architectures. I am for a planned and considered development of Petersham but this location is not ideal for so many units.

  11. Kye Sanderson commented

    Just to correct a piece of misinformation in some of the above comments, the proposal is not to demolish a single house on a 330m2 site and replace with a 5 storey flat building with 28 apartments. The site covers 3 lots (13 Gordon Street & 20-22 Sadlier Crescent) and has an area of 934m2. Fairly big difference and a reminder that it is worth taking a quick look at the basic details of an application before commenting.

    Finally, the land is zoned R4 High Density Residential and has a 17m height limit intended to allow for 5 storey buildings. The proposal responds to these requirements and is in line with the former Marrickville, now Inner West Councils sensible planning vision to allow for some higher density residential development in this location given the easy access to the train station and shops and services of Petersham.

  12. mark matheson commented

    ^ Dear Kye Sanderson (of A.P.P. Integrated Property & Infrastructure Corporation Pty Limited)—

    —a mega-apartment block of this size might be bearable if it were integrated into the hillside at the corner of Fisher and Regent Street nearby.

    But it's downright rude on Sadlier Street surrounded by homes of brick and tile at a human scale. Richard Sadleir was a man of faith, charity and philanthropy towards orphans and indigenous people so it seems particularly insulting that this inhumane block be built on the street named for him.

    The drawings perfectly illustrate Corbusier's notion of "Machines for Living In" but any sociologist will tell you that people who live inside machines become less-human.

    (And certainly you'd have to be a human of very short stature to live inside these boxes because the top two floors resemble air-conditionings ducts!)

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