13 Swanson Street Erskineville NSW 2043

Operate a weekly farmers market in Erskineville Public School with a maximum of 35 stalls. Operating hours are 9.00am to 2.00pm Saturdays, with bump-in from 7.30am and bump-out until 3.00pm.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2017/810)


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  1. Kate Kennedy commented

    Good news! I hope it offers competition to Everleigh which has become too smartypants for the average punter.

  2. Bruno J. commented

    Love this down to earth option. Gets my full approval!

  3. Alex Ozdowski commented

    Great idea, I am all for it!!

  4. Jennings Street resident commented

    Great idea! May approval be granted!

  5. joe ortenzi commented

    that's a great use of the space. i'm all for it!

  6. Ben Noblet commented

    Love this idea. I hope it's a great success.

  7. Nicola Fry commented

    Wonderful idea. A great use of the location and i can only imagine that, like me, the rest of the locally community would be fully supportive.

  8. Amy Bendall commented

    Yes please! The market should have a focus on fresh produce, which is difficult to access in this area.

  9. Isabel Zbukvic commented

    Terrific idea! Great use of space and a great chance to provide fresh produce to the Erskineville area (which currently has limited options).

  10. Wendy Bacon commented

    I also support this idea and assume it has been put forward by the school community.

  11. Talia - Ada St resident commented

    This would make a great contribution to our neighbourhood and supports the values of our community. I would be a regular!

  12. Kristen Hodges commented

    Fabulous. It strikes me that local farmers markets in locations where locals can come and go on foot makes sense.
    And to reduce the load on locations such as Eveleigh Farmers Market.

  13. Will Power commented

    We really need a closer market than Carriage Works & Addison Road! Open later than 1pm we Are inner westians!

  14. Kim Mathes - Belmont St Alex resident commented

    I fully support this fantastic idea - I currently go to Carriageworks Eveleigh market every few weeks to stock up on fresh organic vegetables which aren't sold locally anywhere else, but parking can be problematic. A local farmer's market my family can walk to is a wonderful opportunity - avoiding the need to travel by car to do this sort of shopping at larger markets or centres, and promotes community cohesion and spirit. I hope stallholder emphasis will be on fresh produce.

  15. Kara Neely commented

    Yes please!!!!

  16. Catriona Cotton commented

    I think this would be just swell. But the community school and park in Alexandria would be a better location. Particularly given how congested Erskineville can be even on weekends, I'd love to see the other side of Mitchell being activated in a considered and sustainable way. Alexandria also lacks a local high street and associated services and is further around from carriageworks than erko. We need to support Alexandria Waterloo in the face of so much development and this kind of plan would be a terrific means of doing so.

  17. Ken Collins commented

    Great idea. I support this initiative.

  18. Jo F commented

    Overdue and much needed in Erskineville. Everleigh is too expensive and 'hipster' - we need a local and sustainable market

  19. Rachel commented

    Great idea! We fully spupport the idea and would visit regularly. Kids sports on Saturday would mean a later finish than 1pm would be terrific. Carriageworks is getting far too expensive!!!!

  20. Julie Stuart commented

    Fantastic idea, would love to see a farmers market in Erskineville.

  21. Jen commented

    Yes, great idea :) agree with all the comments above Everleigh is too crowded and OTT in price. Be nice to have a more relaxed farmers market.

  22. T Miles commented

    Would be a great way to unite the community and serve residents of the Alexandria side of a Erskineville who don't have so many local places to shop independently. Can't wait to see it!!

  23. Marg Frisk commented

    This is a great initiative. Local & some competition for Eveleigh which has got just a bit too 'exclusive' & commercial. Let's get some real home grown food/farmers for Erko!

  24. Lara H commented

    What a great idea! Wonderful way to provide access to fresh local produce

  25. Leonie Hatfield commented

    This would be amazing and I think Erskineville would totally embrace the concept - I know I will!

  26. Jameela Truman commented

    Fantastic idea!

  27. Benjamin Farr wrote to local councillor Clover Moore

    This is a fantastic proposal that will enliven and enrich the area. As an adjacent neighbour, I fully support this proposal.

    Delivered to local councillor Clover Moore. They are yet to respond.

  28. Kerry Etherington commented

    Yes please!. Easy to access by locals on foot- or visitors by public transport. Would be fab

  29. Finn O’Keefe commented

    Fantasic idea! I don't drive so this would be ideal for me to have the option a local and affordable fresh produce market

  30. Janine commented

    Yes! Yes! I would love this. We really need it. Would be great for the community. Would be great to offer the local fruit shop a stall too so their business does not suffer.

  31. JOHN Collins commented

    Excellent idea. Centrally located and accessible.

  32. JOHN Collins commented

    Excellent idea. Centrally located and accessible.

  33. JOHN Collins commented

    Excellent idea. Centrally located and accessible.

  34. JOHN Collins commented

    Excellent idea. Centrally located and accessible.

  35. Deep Khuller commented

    Wonderful to read this. Most welcome.

  36. Fiona Green commented

    I love this idea. I'd definitely be a regular attendee.

  37. Terri Campbell commented

    This would be great. Supported 100%.

  38. Gerry Shannon commented

    Really great idea! Just what the community needs. Two thumbs up from this local resident.

  39. Carleena Lloyd wrote to local councillor Clover Moore

    This would be fantastic for the community.
    Fully support this as a local and as parent of a child who attends Erko school!!
    Also would give some much needed money towards the school.

    Delivered to local councillor Clover Moore. They are yet to respond.

  40. Maggie Hamilton commented

    A farmer's market would be brilliant as Erko residents are the perfect demographic for this - it's central also for others visiting by bus or train. Would be even more wonderful if there could be a vintage market element too along the lines of Roselle market, as Erko residents are great recyclers.

  41. Andrew Taylor commented

    This would be great. Supported 100%.

  42. Ulrike Zimmermann, cperdiwn commented

    I'd love to have a farmers market in cycling distance. So, yes please from me. I'm looking for alternatives to all the plastic wrapping in supermarkets. #WarOnWaste

  43. Teija Peura commented

    I find this proposal absolutely great and would love to see it through - a lovely walk on Saturdays for a quick pop-in and for buying fresh food. Thumbs up!

  44. Trish Harrup commented

    Great idea. Would love to have somewhere to buy affordable fresh fruit and veges within walking/cycling distance. Perfect for Erko community and the school.

  45. Neda commented

    Good idea.

  46. Jen commented

    Yes yes yes yes yes and YES! Beyond excited for this option. I am an avid chef and this would be amazing to have fresh vegetables so close to home as the Metro up the road doesn't have too many options, and there are no corner stores with fresh produce in Erskineville so I say this is an amazing substitute and in the long run will be great for Erko residents' health!

    I vote yes please bring farmer's market to Erskineville!
    #voteyes #farmersmarketinerskineville #eatfresh

  47. Taito Peura wrote to local councillor Craig Chung

    That's great news for all of us. Full support from here.

    Delivered to local councillor Craig Chung. They are yet to respond.

  48. Martin Beaven commented

    This is a great idea. It provides income for the school. Builds on the community spirit. Supports independent growers. Supports small business. Reduces car journeys. The entrance is in a safe dead end street. Has great wheelchair access. Is right next to a train station and bus stops.

  49. Claire Citizen commented

    Great idea!

  50. commented
    Hidden by site administrators
  51. Cynthia wrote to local councillor Kerryn Phelps

    What a great idea - there's plenty of room for more markets without diminishing Everleigh etc. Im all for it, and as the Asmore Estate expands, you could also think about the sourthern side of Erskineville/Alexandria and utilise the large park being built as part of Park Sydney!

    Photo of Kerryn Phelps
    Kerryn Phelps local councillor for City of Sydney
    replied to Cynthia

    Dear Cynthia,

    Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney, Professor Kerryn Phelps AM, would like to thank you for taking the time to email regarding D/2017/810 at 13 Swanson Street, Erskineville.

    It is wonderful to receive your positive feedback. I will forward your comments to the City of Sydney Planning Division who will be reviewing the development application.

    Best wishes,

    Anjali Mullick
    Councillor Support Officer
    Office of the Deputy Lord Mayor


  52. Susan commented

    Great idea, bring it on

  53. Matt Leaver commented

    Fully support this idea. Would be a community event. Love how close it is to the train station.

  54. Toby James commented

    This proposal is a fantastic use of the unused school grounds on the weekend and will provide a great opportunity for local residents to support local traders which has a range of environmental, economical and social benefits.

    The subject site is perfectly located for the proposed use as there is substantial separation from the closest residential dwellings so it is unlikely to create any unreasonable acoustic impacts. With the high increase in multi storey RFB developments in the area and the resultant increase in local population, a alternative to the typical supermarket chains for fresh produce will be a welcomed addition. It's assumed that most people attending the markets will live in close proximity so are likely to walk or cycle, so it's unlikely that there will be any unreasonable traffic impacts. The site also has excellent access to a range of public transport options which will further encourage the use of public transport for people attending the markets from outside the area.

    It would be great for the City to support such a great proposal that will provide a significant amount of public benefit to the local community. The City should be providing initiatives and grants for uses such likes this to encourage community engagement and show their support for local businesses. Hopefully it's a great success and the site can also be used for other types of weekend markets such as those in Marrickville and Rozelle.

  55. ALEX PEARSON commented

    Yes, yes, yes - great idea.

  56. Jay Valentine Paguirigan commented

    Wonderful idea! Yes please!

  57. Karen Tinman commented

    I love the idea in principle. However I feel more work needs to be done on viable parking (for stall holders and market visitors).

  58. Footy Mum who loves her local shops commented

    While a local market would be good I do wonder where all the vendors will park and what impact it will have on our Erskineville village shops.

    Fox Ave, next to Erskineville Oval, is used heavily on the weekends during winter sport season, so I do not see that as a viable parking area for excess vendor trucks.

    Erskineville Road has a thriving and beloved florist, greengrocer and deli. While I love the idea of a market, I worry about negative impacts on these businesses. The examples of other markets that people give above are not a close to local small businesses.

  59. Abi Ulgiati commented

    Binning Street resident I think the parking figures are vague and will be a nightmare every Saturday. Being a direct resident it has huge impact. Also the local shops small business will be affected. There are no parking restrictions on the weekend. The surrounding Saturdst markets do not operate near small business.

  60. Luisa Bustos commented

    Great idea! Definitely support this for the Erko community. Keep it nice and small with local I dependent suppliers.

  61. Michael-James commented

    How awesome and the best thing is fresh as fresh fruit and veg.
    Right here in Erskineville bring it on a great idea...

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