Bank Street, Sydney, NSW

Bank Street, Pyrmont - Amended DGRs/ SEARs are requested for proposed Modification #3. Modification #3 will seek approval to modify the design of the dry land works (with the proposed buildings contained within the approved building footprint) and a change of use to that approved. This will facilitate the accommodation of harbour cruise businesses within Blackwattle Bay, space for which is limited in Sydney Harbour.

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  1. Sonia Chan commented

    Dear Mr. Fetterplace,

    There has been no community consultation in the Bank St development as required and went straight to exhibition. It feels like this deal was done behind closed doors with one government department with another government department.

    The documents say this is a modification however it is significantly different to the original development and I would therefore say that it resembles a new development.

    I would also like to raise my concerns about the noise generated this operation. The operators are required to wheel rubbish a substantial distance from vessels up stairs to bins located next to Bank Street and directly opposite residences. Noise will be generated in particular from disposal of bottles. Excessive noise will also be generated by the required initial thrust of large ships’ engines when maneuvering in and out of moorings (the thrust on the Bella Vista operates at 104 decibels), as well as the required sounding of warning toots during such maneuvers late at night.

    With regard to parking, it should be noted that up to 200 passive boaters park on the area set aside for a park at weekends. If the vision for Bank Street as parkland and recreational non-motorised boating maintained on the Public Recreation site is to be realized no further pressure should be put on the demand for parking in this area.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sonia Chan

  2. Chris commented

    Dear Assessment Team,

    Why when I live within 2km of this proposal did I not receive notification of this modification, and therefore not have an opportunity to submit a formal comment?

    This proposal not directly contradict the draft principles of the Bays Market District masterplan and would significantly delay public access to the foreshore in this area.


    A frustrated local resident, hoping that the Bays Market District vision will be realized in full within my lifetime!

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