1217-1219 Nepean Highway, Highett, VIC

Develop the land for the construction of thirty-six (36) dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 3 years ago. It was received by them about 1 year earlier.

(Source: Kingston City Council, reference KP-245/2016)


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  1. Cheryl Follett wrote to local councillor Geoff Gledhill

    36 Dwellings ??? Is this property owned by chinese investors ?
    Is this development going to be a multi-storey "housing commission" style building ??
    Do the neighboring owners want slums next to their new townhouses ?
    Is there provision for a multi-storey car-park as well ?
    as 36 or possible 72 or more vehicles coukd not possibly be parked in front of this double block and as it fronts Nepean Highway close to a corner it would create a major traffic hazard if a large number of cars were exiting

    Photo of Geoff Gledhill
    Geoff Gledhill local councillor for Kingston City Council
    replied to Cheryl Follett

    Hi Cheryl,
    I have sought a copy of the file as it outside my ward and as such i am yet to be briefed on the matter by officers, i will be back to you ASAP.

    Cr Geoff Gledhill - City of Kingston
    Central Ward

    Photo of Geoff Gledhill
    Geoff Gledhill local councillor for Kingston City Council
    replied to Cheryl Follett

    Hi Cheryl,
    Apologies as I had the number wrong, my mistake. That matter was considered, and approved by Council in May. The application originally attracted 15 objections and saw two revisions of plans which sought to address the concerns raised in those objections. Had Council rejected these revisions, the danger we faced is that any subsequent VCAT appeal undertaken by the applicant would have reverted to the original plans, thwarting any gains made for residents. Council granted what is referred to as a Notice of Decision which allows for a period on time for objectors to take the matter to VCAT, none have done so.
    The origins of the owners is not something that Council is generally made aware of, nor empowered to consider as part of the application. FIRB matters are also outside the realm of Council consideration. The zoning of the area does allow for developments of greater density, there are a significant number of "live" applications in that area. Having said that I can appreciate the concerns you have in relation to parking provisions, as a Council we are continuing to lobby the Planning Minister to change the state regulations to better reflect today's level of car ownership.
    Councils is currently undertaking a review of our Neighbourhood Character guidelines and overall retail strategy, all interested parties will be able to make submissions.
    I know my explanation may not have allayed your concerns, however I hope I have made the process a little clearer and I do encourage you to participate in our upcoming consultation.

    Cr Geoff Gledhill - City of Kingston
    Central Ward
    From: Geoff Gledhill <>
    Sent: Thursday, June 29, 2017 2:22 pm
    Subject: Re: Planning application at 1217-1219 Nepean Highway, Highett, VIC
    To: Cheryl Follett <>

    Hi Cheryl,
    I have sought a copy of the file as it outside my ward and as such i am yet to be briefed on the matter by officers, i will be back to you ASAP.

    Cr Geoff Gledhill - City of Kingston
    Central Ward

  2. Rodriguez wrote to local councillor Geoff Gledhill

    @Cheryl, you may be surprised to know, that there is currently several properties at the corner of Mathieson & Karen Sts & Nepean Hwy, with a VCAT application pending, (the original development proposal was for 240 apartments on the site of 3 now demolished dwellings, which was rejected by council). The developer has erected a site sales office and appears to be going to presell the apartments, likely in advance of a VCAT/PlanningDept ruling. Of course, the apartments all typically have 1 car space per dwelling, but the reality is that most property owners have 2 or more cars per dwelling, and use their car space/garage for storage, preferring to park their cars on the street. This development and several others in the area will rapidly devastate the already crowded street parking.

    Delivered to local councillor Geoff Gledhill. They are yet to respond.

  3. Arkie Vee wrote to local councillor Rosemary West

    It is appalling to hear what is proposed for that site. I share all Cheryl Follett's concerns for the integrity of the environment. It is pleasing to read both Ms Follett's and Rodriguez's comments. These are people who care - and are brave enough to speak out - without them we may be over-run with random inappropriate development. Apart from the parking issues, the thought of 36-plus garbage bins lining that street is nauseating. This slums concept is disgraceful for 1. the neighbours 2. the visual impact of the site and 3. for the poor souls who live in them.

    Delivered to local councillor Rosemary West. They are yet to respond.

  4. Rodriguez commented

    @Arkie Vee, you probably don't need worry about bins, as for apartment developments like this one, the local government will typically require a private contractor to be engaged for collection, rather than councils' own rubbish collection service — a company like Kartaway or WasteWise, who pick up large 660lt bins with a different truck, and which don't sit on the nature strip all day waiting for collection. The parking issues surrounding Southland may indeed get worse (especially on the Western side of the highway), when the new Southland station opens next year and 100s start parking all day nearby, after which the shopping centre is expected to start charging for off-street parking — this will all drive some of the parked vehicles to streets surrounding the centre..

  5. Derek Screen commented

    @Rodriguez - Southland Station is due to open in November this year. Westfield started installation of gating equipment last month in preparation for timed paid parking by the end of August I believe. As residents on the Western side of the Railway line, we have already discussed this issue with Bayside council and they have done a cursory traffic survey amongst a small number of residents asking for their input and we have asked for residents parking permits and timed parking areas throughout the Pennydale neighbourhood but especially closer to the station. already at Christmas time parking is ridiculous and Council puts out temporary parking restriction signs in some neighbouring streets and it only helps a little. We also have issues with parking from Cheltenham railway station with several of our neighbourhood streets already signed with one side no parking and timed on others and again it helps a little but not much. With any large scale developments we need to push councils to stop allowing parking for fewer cars in their buildings as this alone is causing more issues that the station both now and into the future. Put them together and we will have one huge almighty mess.

  6. Chay Ryan wrote to local councillor Steve Staikos

    When developments happen developers have to pay contribution fees for the extra load that the development puts on the existing infrastructure. Shopping Centres like Southland put extra stress on this infrastructure but what is missed is a contribution to our transport network. There could be a win win for both the shopping centres and the local transport infrastructure where there is on & off ramps over and under gorund which reduces the amount of traffic lights and increases the amount of car spaces. This would improve the traffic flow including making these shopping centres transport hubs as well.
    We need to think through these issues and make win wins.

    Photo of Steve Staikos
    Steve Staikos local councillor for Kingston City Council
    replied to Chay Ryan

    Hi Chay

    Thanks for the email.

    Council does require public open space contributions from developments of this size which helps fund the acquisition and/or improvements to local parks. This is the only developer contribution that is paid to council.

    We don't however have the scope to levy multi unit developments for transport costs. Roads and public transport are funded by state government, and they receive revenue through state taxes, levies and charges.

    Kindest regards

    Cr Steve Staikos
    North Ward
    0447 896 643
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    Any views expressed in this message are those of the individual sender, except where
    the message states otherwise and the sender is authorized to state them to be the
    views of any such entity.

  7. Arkie Vee wrote to local councillor Rosemary West

    Goodness! What a can of worms. Let me get this straight... so the station that we didn't need, but the big players at Southland wanted (they figured they'd get more punters, therefore more $$$) will in fact attract commuters looking for parking. This will impact on the humble shoppers who will find parking difficult if not impossible, so will be deterred from shopping there (unless they live near the Frankston train line), even though "studies have shown" that most shoppers prefer to take a car if they have one. My local strip shopping centre is looking better all the time - so is the bus. Whoops sorry, got off the track, we were discussing the parking nightmare in surrounding streets which will further be compounded by all this. Yikes!

    Delivered to local councillor Rosemary West. They are yet to respond.

  8. Peter Konidaris commented

    As a local real estate agent, I have seen way too many recent development sites sell in this immediate area. Once these apartments are built, the traffic in the area will be a nightmare and established houses/townhouses in the area will be de-valued. Much like the Garfield St pocket of Cheltenham, this development, along with a couple of other monstrous proposals in Highett is frightening.
    Demand for this type of product simply isn't there in Highett and Cheltenham. They are poor investments and these will struggle to sell. Expect high vacancy rates and expect ugly temporary fencing around existing sites for many years to come while developers struggle to sell these off-the-plan.

  9. Ian Redfern commented

    As I attend the local medical centre which is virtually next door to this property, I used to admire the four superb mature towering old cypress trees in the front garden. I became concerned about these when I noticed that the orginal 1940's (?) red brick house on the site was vacant and looked as though it might be demolished. Sure enough, when I next went past the property, every tree had been removed. As a result I contacted Kingston council to try to find out why. The response was that the 'trees were affected by rot' but I'd checked the trunks carefully and there was almost none visible and no apparent dieback considering their age. I had to contact the council three times to discover that the council arborist who examined the trees had left just after this - it sounds as though he did a rush job before he took off. It's appalling that these mature trees - which take years to grow - were callously removed by the developer. If a developer tried this in an area like Spindrift Road, Monterey California (the site of Eastwood's 'house' in the Play Misty for Me film) they would have been lynched. The building erected since looks as though it was a joint design venture between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin - it looks positively Orwellian, and hello - it has west facing windows with no solar protection. This type of tree destruction and poor design does nothing for an area like Highett...nothing.

  10. Cathy Hall commented

    Its a disgrace that mature trees are being destroyed for a fast buck. We complain about the Amazon alight but are our "developers" different?

  11. Arkie Vee commented

    I read recently that the Amazon rainforest provides 20% of the worlds oxygen. This is now at risk. Trees are like lungs which consume poisonous gas emissions and produce oxygen. What buffoons would destroy them? particularly beside a busy highway where they are SO NEEDED! (that's me shouting). EVERY TREE MATTERS! not just for it's aesthetic appeal. What's this got to do with this development? Well go figure.

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