11-13 O'Connell Street, Parramatta, NSW

Western Sydney Stadium - Stage 2 of the Western Sydney Stadium, comprising the detailed design and construction of the stadium as well as supporting uses such as retail tenancies, kiosks and other complementary uses.

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  1. June M Bullivant OAM commented

    This development is a travesty of justice and should not proceed in the current form. To demolish the Parramatta Memorial Pool, using the current plan Venues NSW football stadium is going to use the Crown Land which the pool was allotted from Parramatta Park to build a car park. Plans a few year back allowed for the extension of the stadium and also keep the pool in the current form.

    To have no public pool for many years, and to demolish a ratepayer funded pool with no compensation to ratepayers is breaching the duty of care to the residents of Parramatta. To have no pool at all in "Parramatta We're Building Australia's Next Great City" which is the Parramatta Council motto seems to be a hollow aim for the new super size council.

    To want the tax payer to pay for yet another cost when they refurbished the pool recently at a cost of $9 million dollars is not very business like or efficient. Leave the current pool where it is and keep it for the enjoyment of the school children who learn to swim and the community who want to keep cool.

  2. Tony Jones commented

    Please move the proposed stadium just enough so that the pool remains. While I applaud the new stadium It would have been better to develop the old one and keep the pool where it is and how it is. Surely it is not too late to slightly alter the footprint of the new stadium so the toxic decision to destroy the pool is reversed. The voters of Parramatta will remember and either reward or punish this important decision.

  3. Neil Joseph commented

    The pool and stadium can coexist. Consideration for the people of Parramatta who use these facilities should be more important than yet another retail precinct, masked as "necessary space for crowd safety". If needed to have a gathering area, then a bridge over the pool could direct the crowd to some similar space. Surely a compromise would be better than to ignore the thousands of protest voices over the period since the plan to demolish the pool was announced??!!

  4. Fiona Crabb commented

    I support the new stadium but strongly oppose how the govt has gone about this. There has been no consultation with pool users until it was too late. Disgraceful and deceitful. The pool can stay the stadium design can be tweaked to accommodate both. Why haven't they taken that into consideration or worked with the community to find solutions?

    The description above with 'complimentary uses' is very non descriptive and is unacceptable in any planning alert. Come clean and announce exactly what is going on. Why is this the case and why does that take priority over a War Memorial pool?

  5. Suzette Meade commented

    The plans by the government as part of the stadia strategy has been deceitful.
    The land they claim to want to swap is crown land that is protected under parramatta park trust act 2011. The trustees of the park are not acting as per their mandate by allowing this park land to be dissected for commercial interests.

    The consultation process as per the SEAR report was ignored by Venues nsw and the dept of planning chose to ignore this when reported to Minister of Planning Rob stokes and department secretary Carolyn MC Nally.

    There is an alternative concept design that had been produced by the original pool architect that allows both new stadium and the pools to remain but the government refuses to consider

    What the government is failing to publish is that they intend to develop close to 30,000 Sqm of future ancillary commercial development.

    This project should be halted immediately and the pool demolition to be paused until an investigation or inquiry into the stadia strategy be carried out.

  6. Melinda Kane commented

    Parramatta residents and schools need the current pool to stay. My school has used Parramatta Pool for many years to host our school swimming carnival. It provides plenty of room, shade, equipment and is overall, an outstanding facility for local schools.

    Parramatta pool also has an excellent outdoor diving pool which is rare these days. Many groups use the various pools for learn to swim classes, training, recreation and is perfect for seniors.

    Please reconsider demolishing the pool. A new and improved stadium can coexist with our lovely, well maintained facility.

  7. Peter Hales commented

    It is completely wrong to build the new stadium with no plans or funding at all to relocate and rebuild Parramatta Swimming Pool. Several prominent architects have pointed out that it is in fact, with minor modification, possible to retain Parramatta Pool in its same location and for the new Parramatta stadium to be built as planned. Please do not close Parramatta Pool.

  8. Leon Rizos commented

    Incorporate the pool into the development of the Stadium. It is possible to do and the plans proposed but the people of parramatta would be fantastic it implemented. The NSW Government and Parramatta Administrator still have time to rethink the plan and same the pool and create a sporting complex that we can all be proud of and show other councils what can be done when we all work together.
    The old and the new can co-exist and work together. All that is required is people to think outside the square.

  9. Anne Jaumees commented

    I object strongly to the proposed stadium in its current format which means the Parramatta War Memorial Pool is lost to become a car park with no foreseeable replacement. After the hottest January, and the hottest summer and the hottest year on record ( that means lots of days of 40 degrees plus) why are we sacrificing our pool to the stadium when there is a viable plan by well recognized architect that would allow us to have both. This current plan is disrespectful to all those who live and work and go to the school in the area who use this pool for their physical and mental health. This pool is used by schools for lessons and carnivals, by 100s of children for swim lessons, by swim clubs, Olympic diving teachers (1 of inly 2 in Sydney) and the general public. Parramatta is growing enormously and many people live in apartments . This is their out door space. The government is campaigning to reduce obesity in children and is taking away a very important place for exercise.
    The alternative plan for the stadium that allows a bigger stadium and KEEPING the Parramatta War Memorial Pool is what we should be having.

  10. Janelle Singleton commented

    As Parramatta and it's surrounding areas is of high density and there is little recreational areas for families and schools who would like to enjoy the outdoors rather than go to the Stadium, it would be more advantageous for all involved to keep the pool and the Stadium. There are a lot of families who do not know how to swim and the pool is a place where they can learn these much needed survival skills. Imagine the lives that can be saved in the future, if people had the opportunity to learn how to swim at their local pool.

  11. greg temme commented

    BUILD A NEW POOL . the old one is past the use by date

  12. Dianne Cowderoy commented

    It is outrageous to demolish Parramatta Pool merely to accomodate a football stadium. The pool not only provides a place for people to cool off and enjoy a swim but it is an important community facility for schools, social and sporting groups. Where will schools hold their swimming carnivals? Where will children learn to swim? This war memorial pool is a community asset that should not be sacrificed for redevelopment of a stadium. The stadium architects and planners must find another way to make the stadium work without destroying the pool. Parramatta Parkland and heritage land should also be fiercely protected from use by developers. It was set aside for the people from the earliest days of European settlement, not to be carved up in order to accomodate developments. Of course progress must occur in growing Parramatta into a 21st century city. However, Parramatta Pool is, for many locals, a sacred place, a place of significant historical and community importance. Save our pool.

  13. George Gittany commented

    "complementary uses"
    One would think a pool would be considered as a complementary use.
    Why do Parramatta locals need to drive to Homebush or Ryde Aquatic Centres when a works class aquatic centre could be incorporated in the stadium design. Are we not meant to move forward and process. Since when does one step back in time to meet the demands of our community for today, tomorrow and beyond? Take a leap forward dear government and think like yesteryears Sir Bradfield and the likes.

  14. Sarah Nguyen commented

    #saveparrapool ! Leave the pool where it is until there is a replacement. Benefit all instead of a few. This Liberal state government will be history if you don't listen to the people, just like WA today.

    Have respect for the people of Parramatta and compromise! Stadium and pool can co-exist. Do your job properly and there will be no complaints.

  15. Steve Brancatisano commented

    The proposed development represents poor planning and a failure of government. To spend $300 million to add 10,000 seats to a venue which averages two-thirds capacity doesn't constitute good-faith public expenditure. And to do so at the expense of our War Memorial Pool is an embarrassment to our so-called "Next Great City". Parramatta is one of the fastest growing areas of Sydney, and it is frankly absurd for the area to be without a pool for 3-5 years.

    The proposal is of added concern for two further reasons. First, the incursion into Crown Land on both the new proposed stadium footprint and the proposed replacement pool site at Mays Hill is further evidence of the erosion of public space in Sydney. Second, the use of the proposed 20,000 sqm of future ancillary development has thus far remained undefined. At best, residents could be expected to impute incompetence. At worse, malevolence.

    The War Memoral Pool and new stadium can co-exist. Parramatta deserves better.

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