254 Richardson Rd,spring Farm, NSW, Australia

Construction of a new KFC fast food restaurant with drive-through facility, car parking, landscaping and associated site works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 3 years ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Camden Council, reference 1473.1/2016)


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  1. Lauren Weston commented

    I believe we do not need any more fast food outlets in the local area. Spring farm is a small community, and we absolutely do not need any fast food.

  2. Graham commented

    The construction of a fast food restaurant does not fit in with Spring Farm. We don't want our kids coming home from school stopping in at KFC.
    These major fast food companies belong out on the main roads. Not in residential areas. It prompts unhealthy lifestyles and laziness. Keep Spring Farm clean!

  3. Jodie Schroder commented

    Please don't build a KFC in our suburb, there are already many fast food outlets close by. I do not feel a fast food outlet is appropriate for the location at all. From experience it seems that fast food outlets also bring a lot of rubbish to the area and would impact on the nature reserves and waterways close by. Please reconsider

  4. Warwick Hall commented

    I object to the construction of a KFC in the Spring Farm shopping village. This would not constitute the biggest and best use of the land in question, as the community would be better served with a different facility.

  5. Gina commented

    There is a KFC located at Mount Annan and Narellan as well as Narellan Town Centre. To have a KFC built at this town centre is not the best use of the land. The town centre would be better served with a Cafe or Restaurant. Perhaps the Council would consider a Car Wash instead. There needs to be more recreational facilities other than a KFC which would cause enough cars performing burnouts and racing up and down the roads as well as extra noise. Spring Farm has been sold as a peaceful tranquil place and with the $200 million dollar upgrade of Narellan it would not suit.

  6. Louise commented

    No way we dislike KFC! pub will be nice spring farm pub!

    Not ideal for the kids after school getting fastfoods

  7. Chey Ioannidis commented

    Spring Farm has a small close-knit community feel which I and my neighbours truly appreciate. It also seems to be a place that a small local business could thrive. Building a KFC will not only cause issues for local businesses but impact negatively on the feel of the community through an increase in litter and traffic.
    The space should be used to provide the citizens of Spring Farm and neighbouring suburbs with more choices for food or facilities, preferably that promote healthy living.
    Should we desire KFC, there is one less than 10 minutes up the road in Mount Annan. We do not need or want a KFC in Spring Farm.

  8. Dianne Stassen commented

    I did not move to this beautiful community to have it spoiled buy a 24 /7 take a way that if people would like to indulge is only a short drive away.
    This doesn't fit in with this area at all, its impact on the surrounding homes in a young family community is shocking.

  9. Mo Saad commented

    Great , can pick up a bucket of fried chicken when coming home from the new m5 springfarm link road. A pizza shop would be nice too. Would give a bit more life to spring farm.

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