5 Kirra Road, Roches Beach, TAS

Amenities Block

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Clarence City Council, reference D-2016/293)

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  1. Robert&June Risk commented

    Objection to this Devloopment proposed site, of Amenits Block.
    After taking to local Residence and Yacht club,while we understand a need for this Development,we feel this is the wrong place on the reserve.Very secluded,unseen from the road,will have to cross the car park,from the beach or their car, could be very danergerous.
    Having been residences here for nearly 50years,we have Experienced,and seen lots of Vandalism on this reserve,wild party,s,improper behaviour,drugs,burnt out stolen cars,broken and burnt fence, graffiti.Yacht club has been gaffito and Damaged many times.Speeding cars are 24/7 coursing dust and rocks to flying around the car park, and always lots of rubbish.Bic come of the track at quite a speed across the car park.
    The Council has helped, over the years,by putting big rocks and Bom-Gates,which has reduced some of these problems,If this Ammenties Block is put on this site all will be undone.Would be the perfect place for Vandolism Unpropert behaviour. between the Yacht and Toilets.
    The Laudaudale Yacht club now use this Area for there Yachts and Traliors on race day. If unavailable will use the car park,coursing more problems.
    A better site would be to the left top courier of the car park near the beach.To be seen down the reserve road to Kirra Road.This would reduce the Vandolism, and be safer.
    Hoe you will lesson to our concerns,and consult with us as long time residence.
    We have seen many Vandolise toilet on our travels, allso Lauderdale,some have been herrendous sights.
    We do not want to look out at the back of a Griffit toilet block from our home.

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