Soldiers Memorial Hall 14 Station Road St Leonards TAS 7250

Educational and Occasional Care - primary school; change of use of existing building to a kindergarten and primary school; construction of three demountable classrooms to be used in association with the school use; signage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 3 years ago. It was received by them 10 days earlier.

(Source: Launceston City Council, reference DA0415/2016)


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  1. Susanne Swierc wrote to local councillor Simon Wood

    We have already such congestion on Station Road. With two schools, St Leonards Primary and Larminier Catholic School, road traffic during pickup and drop off times are chaotic. Hardly any curb side parking exists to accommodate the schools or home owners cars. Buses and other vehicles trying to squeeze between the parked vehicles along with Children and their guardians crossing to and fro from school is a death trap waiting to happen. Therefore adding another school across the road from St Leonards Primary to join this confusion all ready is plain ridiculousness.

    Delivered to local councillor Simon Wood. They are yet to respond.

  2. Greg Morrison wrote to local councillor Robin McKendrick

    I believe the Hall should remain as it is - a memorial to World War 1 soldiers. Should it be converted to a school this memorial will be lost for all time. The front contains names of families of long time residents who have since passed. This memorial should not be removed just because their families have long passed. Although the Hall is probably under utilised at the moment it should not be a reason to exclude those that use it now.
    The grounds also include a small playground that is used by many because it is fenced off and is very safe for small children. I am sure there is a far more appropriate area to locate the school - perhaps somewhere within the area where the athletics track is situated. Parking is another problem as it is a very busy area during the start and end of school days.It is also surrounded by residential properties which I consider not appropriate for a school use.

    Photo of Robin McKendrick
    Robin McKendrick local councillor for Launceston City Council
    replied to Greg Morrison

    Thanks for your E/Mail and comments Robin McKendrick

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