35 Oxford Street Epping NSW 2121

35 Oxford Street, EPPING NSW 2121 - s96(2) modification to approval of mixed use development. The proposed ,odifications include increase the floor to ceiling heights to achieve a 3.1 m floor to floor, modification to unit mix, internal basement level and service and modification to unit numbers and plans

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Parramatta City Council, reference DA/365/2016/A)


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  1. Norman Jessup commented

    I can't find the previous DA, which I believe has been approved, but this application appears to be seeking an increase the height of rooms, which I assume means an increase in the overall building height. The height in the new application appears to exceed the allowed height for the location.

    If my suspicions are correct then this application should be rejected. There appears to be a growing practice of using one design to get approval and then seek modifications that possibly would not have been approved if part of the initial application.

    If the developer wishes to change his plan, then the previous application and it's consent should be withdrawn so the new design can be properly evaluated. There does not appear to be an Environmental Statement associated with the new application, for example, so it's not possible to properly understand it;s significance.

  2. Sue Simmonds commented

    I agree that there seems to be a growing practice of using one design to get approval, then seeking modifications which might otherwise not have been approved - a type of approval by stealth. I would like to support Norman's suggestion that the previous application should be withdrawn and a totally new application submitted.

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