61 Blair Street, Brunswick VIC 3056

Development & use of the land for the purposes of sixty six attached dwellings with associated carparking and buildings and works

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 4 years ago. It was received by them about 2 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/1998/602/A)


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  1. Rowena commented

    This application proposes 66 dwellings on what it currently a small playground and public park! 66 new dwellings at the end of a long narrow street that is barely wide enough for a single car to fit down is rediculously poor urban design. There is no public notice advertising this application on site which is a legal requirement - and there is currently no title numbered 61 in the street so it is difficult for the public to determine what is really going on with this application. Another example of totally inappropriate overdevelopment in an area which cannot support it. Is the public park being redeveloped or is the heritage house next to number 61 being demolished? This application needs clarification.

  2. Karen wrote to local councillor Samantha Ratnam

    If Moreland wants to keep promoting itself as a 'green' council, then it needs to avoid inappropriate developments (as per comment above) and keep, not wipe out, green space. It's difficult to see how such a development would not create/exacerbate the urban heat island effect in this area. In the face of more heatwaves, these green spaces will be increasingly important for our health, safety, and well-being. Removing such spaces will risk Moreland's 'green' credentials, surrounding property values, and community support for council's green agenda. It would be great if Moreland invested in this space, as green public space, rather than destroying it.

    Delivered to local councillor Samantha Ratnam. They are yet to respond.

  3. Mark wrote to local councillor Helen Davidson

    Is the Council selling the public park for this inappropriate development? How many families will be affected by the loss of this park?

    Where will the children play now? On Blair street? Which is basically a rat run with vehicles traveling at more than 40kph?

    Delivered to local councillor Helen Davidson. They are yet to respond.

  4. Stephen Franklin commented

    The document attached to this application ( MPS/1998/602/A) at


    are for 21 Eva Buhlert Close Brunswick

  5. Andrew Harris commented

    As per Stephen Franklin's comment, the documents attached to this application are for a proposed pergola at 21 Eva Buhlert Close.

    Is this some sort of deliberate obfuscation, or simply incompetence?

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