7 Highland Street Kingsbury VIC 3083

Proposed medium density development comprising the construction of 4 double storey dwellings as shown on the plans accompanying the application.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 4 months earlier.

(Source: Darebin City Council, reference D/949/2015)


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  1. Maria Poletti commented

    1. There is an oversupply of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Darebin, and an undersupply of 3 or more bedroom separate housing for families. This development adds to the imbalance as it replaces a family home with only 1 and 2 bedroom flats.
    2. The proposal is inconsistent with the neighbourhood character of the area.
    3. The proposed development does not respect preferred sustainability characteristics of the area.
    4. Traffic and parking congestion will be an issue as the proposed development will increase both. The increased congestion in the street will also pose a significant risk to the safety of the many children and elderly who use the street.
    5. Taking into account the predominant single story, free standing houses in the immediate vicinity, the proposed application is an over-development for this site.
    6. The visual bulk from the built scale of the proposed development will be very imposing as it will be visible from surrounding properties and the street.
    7. The proposed development does not add net value to the community.
    8. The number of objections indicates the scale of the negative social effect on the community.
    9. The proposed development does not meet standards set in the Darebin Planning Scheme amendments appropriate for this street.
    10. The proposed development will not provide affordable accommodation.

  2. Michael Grey commented

    This development is not consistent with the character of the area in general and the street in particular.

    Its height will stand out noticeably in a street of single story dwellings, creating an eyesore.

    It will increase parking congestion on a street already congested, and will may cause accidents with the children and older people who live on the street already due to restricted sight lines.

    The increased number of 1 and 2 small bedroom dwellings in the area changes the character of the area of larger, 3 bedroom plus housing, and will cause additional stress to already busy local amenities with not benefit to the community as a whole.

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