72A Station Street Fairfield VIC 3078

Construct and use a five storey mixed use building comprising twenty (20) dwellings, three (3) retail premises and waiver of loading requirements and reduction in car parking to zero (0) as shown on the plans accompanying the application.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 2 months earlier.

(Source: Darebin City Council, reference D/2/2016)


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  1. Maria Poletti commented

    If you would like some help with objecting to this planning application come to the next DADA meeting, 7pm on Tuesday April 12th at 33 Dean Street, Preston, go to the DADA website http://www.darebinada.org/category/objections or email dada@spin.net.au

  2. Richard Stanaway commented

    This development is very much out of character for the site. A 3 storey development which preserves some open space would be much more appropriate for the site (like the development on the other site of Station Street). A 5 storey structure would dominate and shade the immediate area and destroy its character.

    Another aspect of the development which possibly hasn't been considered is a future grade separation replacing the existing level crossing next to the site. A 5 storey (even a 3 storey one) structure would make grade separation a very expensive and complex exercise. Allowance for this inevitable replacement should be considered in the design for the development.

  3. Oscar Paolone commented

    I write to express my support for the development at 72a Station st Fairfield for the following reasons;
    1. Well planned and generous apartments of a variety of sizes (1, 2 & 3 bed) giving choice across a number of demographic groups. Hopefully this goes a long way to supporting owner occupiers (in lieu of investors) who will be less transient then renters.
    Other developers would have shoe horned 30+ bedsits.
    2. High quality ESD initiatives with veggie gardens on the roof! Not common in developments this size.
    3. Will improve activity in the daytime and support surveillance from residents in the evening. The development on the east side of Station St is a very poor example of this.
    4. Impact on the surrounding area such as over shadowing is minimal, mostly onto the street. No residential is affected.
    5. Good quality Architect / Developer who have successfully done a similar development in East Brunswick. Go and see it!

    Development will continue to happen so the key is supporting the better ones and not objecting for the sake of it.

    However I do agree any future under grounding of the tracks needs to be considered.

  4. Han commented

    There must be at least 30 car parking spaces to cater for 20 apartments and for visitors to the retail and the apartments.
    This will remove the parking on the street nightmare

  5. Guy Sansom commented

    This horrendous eyesore is a joke. Totally amazed it was allowed to get through. Its a blight on the landscape.

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