Knightsbridge Shopping Centre, 159 Ridgecrop Drive, Castle Hill NSW 2154

Expansion of Knightsbridge Shopping Centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: The Hills Shire Council, reference 1227/2016/HA)


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  1. Marga Callus commented

    We are unable to find the development proposal to view and comment on. Tried all the fields on your web site. No success. I live across the road from the shopping centre so I am very interested to see the proposal. Application number 1227/2016/HA. Please advise.

  2. John commented

    The links from this site don't work so you have to search for it on the Hills website.
    Here are the details for this application:

  3. Helen Carr commented

    On Council's website - there is an application for 4 new shops to be built fronting Gilbert Road (in front of existing chicken shop and Louis Carr Real Estate) with a new entrance in front of existing entrance.
    If this link doesn't work (as John's link didn't work for me) - try - and then click on purple link, then click on development applications, then click next, then click on Development Applications, then type in 1227/2016/HA and voila!! The relevant application number comes up, click on it and you will then have access to the application, parking report, and copies of plans.

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