46 Arrawarra Beach Road Arrawarra NSW 2456

24 Lot Community Title Subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Coffs Harbour City Council, reference 0667/16DA)


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  1. Barbara Cassell commented

    I think this is the best thing that council can do. This will allow the public to use Arrawarra once again in a friendly safe environment and the community to add to their once safe and friendly neighbourhood with more homes.

  2. Nikki Tester commented

    If it encourages 24 friendly families who care for the environment into the area, then it has to be a whole let better than the thousands of backpackers who currently have scant regard for the delicate nature of this marine and foreshore environment. Public access to beach is paramount as part of this DA as would the infrastructure required to keep the waterways surrounding the area clear and not smelling like they do now. I would hope that this is monitored and developed with sensitivity to current residents and the needs of the fragile environment surrounding it.

  3. alan winston watts commented

    the residents of arrawarra village have been held to ransom over their access to the beach by a private caravan park, council should have acquired this park and returned the land to coastal conservation and public use before development destroys this unique estuary system

  4. Amber Bunce commented

    I have been back and forth from Arrawarra Beach Holiday Park (spot X) a lot in the last 7 months. I love the place, I have seen first hand the amount of hard work that goes into the park and the surrounding areas. MOJO employs cleaners for the beach and I myself have been on beach clear ups not after the 'backpackers' have been there but also after groups of locals have drove on to the beach in their 4x4's for bonfires and parties. MOJO actually locks the bridge over night and advises backpackers not to use the beach. I understand the park attracts thousands of backpackers, some members of the local public may not like this but the local pubs, restaurants, shops, hardware stores, garages etc are thriving from the amount of people that visit the area. I am strongly against the DA going ahead.

  5. Alana Elizabeth commented

    Words can't express how strongly I object to this DA. Having read through the submission document, and the commentary around it, I am appalled at the number of unsubstantiated claims made in the submission; and the uninformed perspectives floating around the commentary.
    Having been a regular visitor to the park for 25 years, I would say the closure of the facility for the purpose of commercialisation would be a tragedy.
    To address a few of the points:
    -Access for the locals to the beach is never restricted, unless they have engaged in antisocial behaviour whilst on the private property managed by Mojo. Considering the fact that they are unfairly blamed for attracting 'trouble' to the area, not allowing antisocial individuals onto the premises seems fair.
    - On antisocial behaviour, the only obnoxiously loud drunks i have seen around the area are the locals. just this January, I witnessed a group of 15 males arrive around sunset in cars coming from Corindi and the headland. The males partied loudly, rudely, and disruptively until 6am despite Mojo's efforts to shut the party down and move them on. throughout the course of the evening, the locals were threatening to run over staff members dogs for them trying to interrupt their party. Once the locals had left, the Mojo staff were the first ones to clean up the broken bottles, cigarette stubs, and used condoms. If that isn't dedication to maintaining a peaceful, clean and family friendly environment, i don't know what is.
    - Care of the environment is key, and a consequence of any form of construction such as the one proposed, is always detrimental. The retaining wall proposed will have a maximum lifespan of 20 years, provided it is built to the absolute best quality. Having significant construction industry experience, I would say that 'Arrawarra Beach Pty Ltd' (read: Astoria) will not deliver to the absolute best standard. A better solution for the ongoing care of the environment would be to replace the current rock wall. By doing this, the recycling of current material will be possible, and minimal disruption to the ecosystem will be achieved.
    - On the volume of backpackers - how can having a modest, but consistent turn over of people who are willing to spend money in the local community be a bad thing? They're giving money to local businesses, creating a cashflow that wouldn't otherwise be there. Best case scenario under a successful DA would be that 24 families move in on a permanent basis. Considering the demographics of the Coffs Harbour area, this won't happen so the local community will only notice a significant drop in the cashflow.

    To give this amazing holiday place to greedy developers is a travesty, and I just hope Coffs City Council recognises this and makes the socially and environmentally responsible choice that is best for the community.

  6. Peter Landesmann commented

    I have been taking family and friends to Arrawarra beach caravan park ( aka Spot x ) since 2010, In possibly the busiest time of the year ( 3 weeks in January ). Apart from the beautiful area and Coffs surround including the hinterland. We come every year because of the security and people that are in the park and area, as well as the peace of mind we get from having the Mojo staff keeping the park, National park and Beach safe and clean. Having perused through the application comments, I would like council to add mine to the table.

    I and friends have personally seen more damage done to the local surrounds, beach and national park area by so called locals than any of the surf school clients. How is building a few houses going to deter or rectify the damage and abuse being done to the beach and national park areas in the future? The maintenance and up keep will more than likely fall into Councils lap.

    The Mojo surf company seems to pride it self on maintaining the cleanliness of the local beach, park and National park areas. I personally see staff from sunrise combing the beach and park surrounds for any rubbish left by anyone.

    This time and expense will become Coffs councils if the development is approved as the area locals will still be using the area the same as now! But the current caretakers will be gone for the sake of some holiday homes. And remember a lot of these houses WILL be rented out by outsiders that WILL make noise and mess but will have no appreciation for the area and their mess will have to be cleaned up by others

    1..I have never seen any locals or the public denied access to the beach by Mojo staff or campers through the caravan park, in fact I talk regularly to the locals each year. Also in speaking to the maintenance staff regarding the upgrading of the bridge, l was informed that they were unable to modernise the design due to historic constraint’s from either council or parks. How would the access bridge be upgraded to comply with (a). The satisfaction of the local indigenous tribes. (b). The marine and parks depts. guidelines. (c). Who ever is controlling the historic parameters of the current bridge. And (d). NSW building codes. If it is not permitted at present........ (e) As the access would have to be across the development property, Would FULL public access still be available once the property is developed as it is now or would this become a gated area. The council would then here complaints from the new owners about noise from the beach access. Sounds like a catch 22 to me.

    2..Having spoken to locals on both sides of the river and seen the vacant homes at holiday time, I believe that at least half of the homes built would be holiday homes for the wealthy and not all for families as some people would believe. You only have to walk around the local streets to see how many of the existing houses are in fact holiday rental homes and are not all family homes and are only be used part time through the year. Has council taken into account the huge loss of retail income and Tourism dollars that will disappear Instantly from the local economy and Coffs area if this proposal goes through and possible compensation claims by retailers. The council must remember that the Mojo surf school is not the only business from this site. Perhaps the council should do a study as to how much tourist dollar will be lost from the campers that use this park through the year having to go to another shire area. I know spending for just my 3 weeks on one site in this park (not including park fees) can cost thousands over the duration, From shopping to going to exploring/tourist spots. Now multiply this tourist dollar by hundreds per year!

    I have seen the Mojo transport driving the surf school clients to various places including local attractions, shops and Coffs harbour main centre. More tourist dollars lost.

    3.. Having seen this area inundated with storm water and having some 30 + years experience in the building and civil construction industry. Has council and marine parks taken into account the huge amount of direct storm water and pollutant run off ( including people washing cars etc.) that will impact the Arrawarra creek system Daily and weekly as well as times of storms.

    These two creeks are tidal and are dependant on large or king tides to keep them clean and healthy, during small tides no water can access the creek system for weeks and sometimes months due to sand build up. If it rains in between the large tides the inundation of fresh water and property run off as well as the local sea weed causes the water to go stagnant until the next large tide can cut through the sand bar. This too, I have witnessed nearly every year.

    As these creeks are under the Marine parks protection how is the extra pollutants and stagnant water to be addressed. Perhaps the local home owners should think about this as well.

    In finishing. I do love the Coffs area and especially the Arrawarra area and while this park is here I and my family and friends will continue to come here and spend our dollars and time in this area, it would be a tragedy and travesty to the Coffs area to approve this development without the long term ecological impacts as well as financial ramifications of lost tourism and dollars to all concerned.

    The need of the many out way the needs of the few... or one

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