Lot 2 Wagonga Road, Helensburgh NSW 2508

Clearing Of Land And Construction Of Bus Turning And Parking Areas And Car Parking Areas Modification A - to delete expiry date - Condition 2

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. It was received by them 20 days earlier.

(Source: Wollongong City Council, reference DA-1988/1174/A)


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  1. Jenny Sherratt commented

    The bus company have had no difficulty in entering and exiting the bus compound from Walker Street up till now so there does not appear to be any good reason for the bus company to clear trees on the boundary of their land. It would appear that they are only trying to extend their footprint.

  2. Nat Watson commented

    The bushland there is a very important part of the wildlife corridor connecting the Royal National Park to Kelly Falls / and the Garrawarra extension.

  3. Alan Bond commented

    I object to this expansion for the points given below:

    1. It is now realised that the bus company obviously not only needs a bigger area, but that the area it is now presently located in, is within the Hacking River Catchment.

    2. Expansion of the present site runs contradictory to this proven environmentally sensitive area.

    3. The bus company needs to be actually re-located to a less environmentally sensitive area that is certainly not within the proven Hacking River Catchment area.

    4. Even if the bus terminal can't be re-located, the actual site should not be expanded.

    5. Expansion leads to the more chance of chemical/petrol spills into the sensitive environment particularly since it is not far away from one of the tributaries, Herbert Creek which is to the east and downhill from the bus company site.

  4. Christopher Clarke commented

    I believe that this development is beneficial to Helensburgh and immediate surrounding suburbs as it offers a vital chance to grow essential infrastructure though extension of vital exhausted resources. This improvement allows for the community to utilize the bus company in the most time efficient and economically responsible manner.

  5. Alan Bond commented

    I must add that there is no Wagonga Rd, it is only a paper road.

    It must be re-emphasized that any expansion will be within the Hacking River Catchment Area.

    If it was known then how important this bio-diversity catchment area was, which is the life blood of the Australian National Heritage Listed Area of the Royal National Park, the bus depot and adjacent businesses would not have been allowed. They would have been placed within the proper areas of land for this type of business.

    The Helensburgh area is a limited, landlocked area that has now enough business zones for it's capacity. It is also a car driven area, where the residents, etc use cars to drive the local distances more so than public transport.

    The Helensburgh District is also a proven high bush fire zone. Having a business that relies on fuel, adjacent to one of 2 main roads out of the area, that may possibly cut off that road in a bushfire storm, is not a good idea. No one can guarantee that it can't happen.

    The local buses are mainly for school children and some locals to go to and from work. Barely any bus services during the day with none at Stanwell Tops during the off period.

    However, as pointed out it is quite possible that the bus depot could be suitably located elsewhere within the precinct if they desire to continue operation in the area.

    However, the Premier Transport Group that bought the company in February 2015 and now own the buses, are based at Thirroul and this would be more suitable for all buses to come from this centralised hub.

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