15 Ellis Street, Oatlands NSW 2117

Conversion of Dwelling to a Boarding House under the Provisions of SEPP Affordable Rental Housing 2009

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: The Hills Shire Council, reference 1173/2016/HA)


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  1. Sarah Gatehouse commented

    I believe that this is inappropriate area for a boarding house. Please see my concerns below -

    It is not close to the attractions of Parramatta city.

    The street is narrow and would not accommodate large motor homes or numerous vehicles being parked on the street, when you drive in the street, you already have to be careful without parked vehicles.

    It is a quiet residential area

    There is no similar accommodation nearby such as hotels etc

    There are no facilities close by to accommodate the needs of people staying at the boarding house. The local shops don't stay open late.

  2. Jennifer commented

    I live in the street and I know from experience that it is difficult (dangerous) to enter/exit the driveway when there are many cars parked in the street, just from the volume of cars due to the simple living in the street.

    The narrow street makes it dangerous for people/children crossing between cars and for cars to pass.

    The area is a family friendly environment and the homes have been built to allow the neighbourhood to be safe environment for families.

    The description for the application is for a Boarding House, which is quite vague and does not prevent it from being or becoming a halfway house.... even if it starts as a lower income residential property... there is no monitoring after the application is granted and the residents would have less say then.

    Again the vagueness of the description 'Boarding House' does not allow us to know if there will be deliveries etc that will be like run it like a business.

    Also I only found out by word-of-mouth, The fact that this is a completely different structure to all the properties in the street, I feel it should have been made known to all the residents especially if it is not going to be a problem.

    I also agree with the other comment posted earlier.. the area does not support the facilities that would assist people staying in a boarding house.

  3. Gary Carter commented

    Please reject this development application; this home needs a full heritage restoration and a family, the location is wrong for a housing commune of any form. Five car parking places would be insufficient for a micro-subdivision of 12 separate en-suite rooms on this narrow road, there would be a lot more cars coming and going and this will lead to accidents.
    In its rich past, the property was used as a farmhouse and later become a country retreat in the 1890s. Around 1910-1914, it was owned by John Symonds and Endicott Ellis, an architect from London, after whom the street was named. In the 1930s it was operated as a dairy farm by the Stanfield family and it has been owned by the Stansfield’s ever since.
    This may not be a full subdivision, but in a sense it is a micro-subdivision, so in assessing development applications affecting heritage items, Council also has regard to the provisions of the The Hills Development Control Plan 2012 - Part C Section 4 - Heritage and principles of the ICOMOS Burra Charter,
    Where it states in section 3.2. SUBDIVISION:
    “The subdivision of land upon which a heritage building is located has the potential to isolate the building from its setting thereby reducing its cultural or historical relevance. The setting of a heritage building is often referred to as the curtilage and may include the immediate garden, mature trees, original allotment boundaries, paddocks, fencing, outbuildings, archaeological sites, views/vistas or any other feature or space which allows a greater understanding of its historical context. The curtilage is therefore essential for retaining and interpreting the heritage significance of that building.”
    Therefore a parking area for up to 12 residents in front of this important historical home would definitely impinge on the curtilage and visual importance of this site.
    Who is Responsible for the Shire's Heritage? We the people are!
    “The new owners are going to renovate it and live in it,” said agent Lou Taylor, from Taylor Real Estate Oatlands, when the house was sold.
    Please consider wisely and with due diligence.

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