123 Ray Road Epping NSW 2121 Australia

Residential - Other - Boarding House - Demolition

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Hornsby Shire Council, reference DA/21/2016)


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  1. R and K McCarthy commented

    Surely they aren't serious?!

    We hereby submit our strong objection to the incredible proposal to erect a 24 bedroom, four storey boarding house in a clearly R2 zoned area with limited transport.

    Such building types are intended to be only built in inner city high density areas close to both shops and transport.

    We suspect the Applicant might be intending to sell these rooms using a Company Title.

    With the recent large increase in R4 zoning around Epping and Carlingford villages there is clearly no need for such a development in the middle of an R2 area!

    We urge Council to reject this application.

  2. S M Austen commented

    The vision and mission of this boarding house in our family orientated community, especially where the majority are family residing dwellings and also Childcare opposite this proposed site, becomes apparent the plan for it disregarded the neighbourhood. Our community does not require such premises nor shall it accommodate one to fit.

  3. N paterson commented

    123 ray road. I agree with the community this should not be even thought to be allowed as a proposal. I also know the person wants a biarding house which will not just be for quiet stydents. My children attend epping heights and we should not have this near the walking children vicinity. Families have paud and invested near schools safe and friendly neighbourhoods because it is a quiet family zoned area where children can ride their bikes, go ti neighbours safely and walk to and from school and the ymca etc. my family member very close to me was unfortunately a man fior eyes for young girls. These boarding houses attract many different types of life. Boarding houses may be a requirement but not in quiet residential epping or nearby suburbs. We all know if this was passed and council accepted it opens up for many others to submit same or similar developments. Lets think wisely for our children. There is over development as it is. And as if the boarding resudence wont all have cars and their visitors. Ray road us busy enough. I strongly appeal to common sense being used my hopefully our wise councillors. I am sure any councillor with children would not wish this near their street ir school. I would hsve to not allow my children to walk ray road, cooke street and kent street if this ridiculous application was passed. I hope we all as residents strongly object.

  4. S Lim commented

    Why is this even a consideration? Isn't the Zoning rules in place. My question is to Hornsby council why they even allow such application.

  5. Adam C commented

    There are over 1000 new dwellings being built along Cliff Rd/Kent St/Hazlewood PL due to the changes in zoning around Epping. Why is a 24 bedroom, 4 story needed in an R2 zoned area?

  6. M Donohoe commented

    I was planning to allow my children to walk to school next year by themselves, but if this proposed boarding house development goes through, I just won't feel that they will be safe in Epping. Epping is changing too quickly and is losing its character. It is not a place I want to live in anymore.

  7. Michelle Schaafsma wrote to local councillor Antony Anisse

    I object to this development in this residential area. It is in consistent with the area, zoning. it promotes a transient resident in an area obviously meant for long term residents. There is insufficient facilities for so many new people in one location eg: parking. Where would they park any cars they have? Maybe line 24 of them up along Ray Rd? Sufficient public transport is also a concern for this location. With transient residents who will look after the property ? as this is accommodation for a maximum of 3 mths per person you will have constant moving in and out of people in an area that is clearly not designed for it.
    I object to this development in this location.

    Delivered to local councillor Antony Anisse. They are yet to respond.

  8. Lauren Kim commented

    I strongly object to the development proposal of boarding house on 123 Ray road Epping.
    Their application is in clear violation of the R2 zoning of the area and will have detrimental effect to the family friendly neighbourhood of Epping.
    I strongly urge the council to consider needs of the present residents of the area and to take into consideration the traffic congestion and limited transport ability to handle such dramatic increase in the local population in a limited area.

    Please do not allow such clearly illegal development proposal to be passed.

  9. Grace R commented

    This development is not on a main road, close town center, university or hospital where boarding houses are usually located. Who would be their residents? It is almost reality to turn this building into AirBNB property, which is against the principle behind the affordable housing for Australians!

  10. Vanessa W wrote to local councillor Bernadette Azizi

    Parramatta City Council has now approved the building of this boarding house with amendments (DA/366/2016). I hope this does not open up the flood gates for more. Large parts of Epping have already been rezoned to high density residential to address the housing issues in Sydney. There are over 1000 apartments being built less than 500 metres from 123 Ray Road, so I cannot understand why a partially 3 storey boarding house with 15 rooms is needed in this low density residental part of Epping.

    Photo of Bernadette Azizi
    Bernadette Azizi local councillor for Hornsby Shire Council
    replied to Vanessa W

    Hi Vanessa

    This alert has just come through on my email. I am disappointed that it has taken so long for me to see and receive it and I am not sure why.

    Please call me in the future directly so I am be able assist you in promptly.

    Warmest regards

    Cr Bernadette Azizi
    Councillor - Hornsby Shire Council

    MB. 0409 365 360

    On 2 Mar. 2017, at 11:46 am, Vanessa W <> wrote:

    Parramatta City Council has now approved the building of this boarding house with amendments (DA/366/2016). I hope this does not open up the flood gates for more. Large parts of Epping have already been rezoned to high density residential to address the housing issues in Sydney. There are over 1000 apartments being built less than 500 metres from 123 Ray Road, so I cannot understand why a partially 3 storey boarding house with 15 rooms is needed in this low density residental part of Epping.

    From Vanessa W to local councillor Bernadette Azizi


    Vanessa W posted this message to you on PlanningAlerts in response to the following planning application.

    Your reply, and any other response to this email, will be sent to Vanessa W and posted on the PlanningAlerts website publicly.

    Planning Application for 123 Ray Road Epping NSW 2121 Australia

    Description: Residential - Other - Boarding House - Demolition

    Read more and see what others have to say here:

    Best wishes,


  11. Moss Fairleigh commented

    What has this been approved PCC - This is surrounded by R2 dwellings, its no where near the Station, I feel very sorry for all the neighbours.

  12. Vanessa W commented

    Property now for sale with DA approved plans. How many more of these will we see now that council has allowed for this? What is stopping the floodgates from opening and allowing other low-density areas and properties of Epping turning out like this?


  13. Norman Jessup commented

    I agree with Vanessa W. it's appears that the present owner has no interest in actually building the develpment, but is only interested in exploiting Epping by obtains planning approval for a development not permitted by the current zoning. This was done in the face of substantial opposition from the people who live here and their local M.P.

    Now we find the site for sale with the DA approval being touted as the major selling point.

  14. Sue Simmonds commented

    This is most disappointing in a family-oriented community. I feel very sorry for the near neighbours who will have to cope with increased noise, traffic and parking difficulties. Now that there is DA approval for 16 rooms plus one for a manager and only four parking spaces, the owner is selling purely for capital gain and is obviously not interested in providing affordable housing. What is the point of a D2 zone? Why bother having zoning if anyone can apply for and obtain an exemption? This week's local real estate magazine inside the Northern District Times states that 70% of the market in Epping "want to buy a property they can make money out of" in contrast to the "sentimental" buyers who want to buy a home to live in. Enough is enough! 70% of a community being transient will soon not really be a community at all. Please councillors, consider your constituents and help keep Epping a family community, a safe environment for children and a pleasant garden suburb to live in.

  15. Robert Spence wrote to local councillor Nathan Tilbury

    My family have lived in nearby streets and use Ray Rd., daily. Our children (who are now adults passed by the Epping Bowling club (now demolished and being redeveloped) to the back entrance to Epping West school and YMCA playing fields.
    People using boarding houses tend to be short stay residents and such is not suitable to quite residential areas. The playing field attract young people for training etc., outside of major playing competition times and transient boarding house residents will use this area for outdoor purposes. Such accommodation should be kept to high density areas which this area is not so such a development does not suite this area. My family and I strongly object to this development

    Delivered to local councillor Nathan Tilbury. They are yet to respond.

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