366-372 Lane Cove Road and 124A & 126 Epping Road and 1 Paul St, North Ryde

To rezone land at 366-372 Lane Cove Road, 124A and 126 Epping Road, and 1 Paul Street, North Ryde

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 4 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels, reference 2015SYE165 PGR)

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  1. Rhonda Ware commented

    I wish to object to the proposed rezoning of the land 366-372 Lane Cove Road, 124A and 126 Epping Road, and 1 Paul Street, North Ryde. The applicant has not presented a traffic study of the intersection of Lane Cove Road (LCR) and the Epping Road on and off ramps because it would not be favourable to their proposal. There is a 20 minute delay in traffic north bound on Lane Cove Road. Queuing extends from the intersection of Waterloo Road and Lane Cove Road back along Lane Cove Road to almost Cox's Road in the afternoon peak. The traffic lights can be green but traffic from the Epping Road off ramp has priority turning on to Lane Cove Road northbound thus does not allow traffic on LCR to progress. The solution would be a grade separated interchange at Waterloo Road /LCR and this was first proposed by the former RTA over 20 years ago but never built, and now there is a railway station underneath so there is no relief possible. The railway is going East/West in the opposite direction to the traffic on Lane Cove Road.
    In the morning peak period there is a 20 minute delay for traffic southbound on LCR. The traffic backs up beyond the Yanko Road/Ryde Road/LCR intersection.
    This proposal will severely impact residents seeking egress from Paul Street, North Ryde in the morning peak due to the number of residents in the high rise residential proposed. Vehicle queuing of 15 vehicles is proposed and unaccepable and would take up the whole street. The level of service in the morning and afternoon peak hours of key intersections is at F therefore no further congestion can be added and this proposal is a traffic generating development.
    For the future amenity of the proposed high rise residents there is a problem with flooding.
    The existing buildings on site do not have a problem with flooding but by building
    underground car parks flooding will occur at least 1/100 years of 60% inundation which is
    something that could be fixed by building car parking above ground and making
    the residential towers even higher.
    This proposal gives no land for a future bike path/ wider footpath or land for an
    additional lane on LCR for left hand turn only, or land to the Epping Road onramp which would allow traffic to bypass the slowing vehicles trying to enter and exit the site and adds to traffic congestion in Paul Street/LCR and in LCR and Epping Road off ramp as 80% of future residents would be returning in the afternoon peak.
    This proposal has more than a minimal impact on traffic all around the site, will cause flooding of underground car parking and storage areas affecting residents vehicles and storage and affecting staff/doctors/patients to the medical centre. It will cause overshadowing of an intersection which is extremely congested where traffic cannot
    proceed even on a green light in the afternoon peak northbound.
    Therefore I object to the rezoning of this land to mixed use as proposed to allow high rise residential in addition to the existing medical centre/pharmacy.
    Rhonda Ware

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