752 High Street Thornbury VIC 3071

Demolition of the existing building, development of a 5-storey building (plus roof terrace) comprising 15 dwellings, a shop and reduction to the car parking requirement, as shown on the plans accompanying the application

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 4 years ago. It was received by them about 2 months earlier.

(Source: Darebin City Council, reference D/839/2015)


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  1. Amy Se commented

    I am opposed to the planned development for 752 High St, Thornbury. 5 levels plus roof terrace (making this 6 levels) is far too high for the Thornbury precinct and will fill up the area with inappropriate development.

    A reduction in car park to make way for overcrowded accommodation is not for the best interest of the area where the demographic are young families and need to rely on private transport on top of public transport options.

    As a property owner down the street of this development, I hope council takes into consideration the look and feel of the area when reviewing this application and understand their residents' living needs than just acquiescing to developers' desires.

  2. Helen Watson commented

    I am opposed to the planned development for 752 High Street Thornbury. The extreme height of the development will contribute to a continuing claustrophobic closing in of High Street.

    The reduced car parking facilities will exacerbate an already difficult parking situation in surrounding streets, as the local demographic of young families will continue to rely on private vehicles in addition to public transport.

    Aside from the new development being an inappropriate and unwelcome addition to High Street, I feel strongly that the current dwelling should be retained. It is a unique, historic dwelling, that contributes significantly to the character of the streetscape and once buildings like this are lost, that character is lost to the local community forever. Many locals view this particular building with great affection and interest. Despite living a few blocks away from this development, my family and I walk up and down High Street frequently to access various shops and local facilities and the loss of a significant High St building impacts on many, many local residents.

  3. Marcus Abbott commented

    I oppose this development. The height is inappropriate for the area and the reduction in car parking numbers will add pressure to a precinct already feeling the increase in density of recent developments and popularity in the High Street precinct.

    A development of reduced levels and appropriate parking off street should be considered.

    Please ensure there is some architectural merit to the design. There is already sufficient precast concrete rubbish in the area. The area is rich in history and beautiful buildings - let's not tarnish it any further.

  4. Carly Jane commented

    I'm opposed to the planned development for 752 High St Thornbury. This building will contribute to increased traffic congestion and over crowded public transport.
    I also believe that the current dwelling should be retained. It's a welcome respite from the number of apartment blocks that are having an adverse visual effect on the area.

  5. Elizabeth Reynolds commented

    I am opposed to the planned development of 752 High Street, Thornbury. Another beautiful old building will be gone, like so many others along High Street Thornbury and Northcote. The street scape is looking overcrowded and totally lacking in character. The proposed height is outrageous. With all the redevelopment in Thornbury and Northcoe what has happened to residents privacy these days? It seems like all the developers have the right to do what they wish and residents rights have gone out the window. You only have to take a stroll down Gadd Street to see the height inappropriate development on both sides of the street, so that residents in Bird Avenue and Emmaline Street have totally lost all their privacy in their backyards. Enough of inappropriate development in Thornbury and Northcote and leave buildings of character in our neighborhood.

  6. Lynne Anderson commented

    I object to the 'development' of the property at 752 High St Thornbury. The house enhances our streetscape and is much valued by the local community. It is just too distressing that it could be replaced by yet another developer's monstrosity and that homes in surrounding residential streets will lose their amenity with 5 storeys looming up over their backyards. Also unpalatable is the street face of most of these apartment developments where balconies parade a proliferation of barbeques; clothes dryers & general personal rubble which is not at all aesthetically pleasing when viewed from the street below.

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