2 Kooringa Road, Chatswood NSW 2067.

Demolition of structures and construction of 4 storey, 18 residential units with carparking and associated works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Willoughby City Council, reference DA-2015/502)

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  1. Ben Hackett commented

    Kooringa Road already has an excessive number of unit dwellings compared to other small streets within the locale.

    At present, there is already inadequate parking available for residents, visitors, attending contractors and customers of local businesses.

    Further unit developments will adversely affect residents already living in the surrounding dwellings, depriving them of access to parking, quiet enjoyment of their residence, and will be problematic for council services, such as garbage and recycling collection, as well as postal deliveries.

    Furthermore, access to Victoria Avenue from Kooringa Road is already problematic for motorists, as is access to Kooringa Road from Victoria Avenue, the only road access available for entry to most dwellings in this street.
    At peak periods, it is already near impossible to turn right out of Kooringa Road into Victoria Avenue, and likewise very difficult to turn right into Kooringa Road from Victoria Avenue, for residents to enter or leave Kooringa Road.

    Further unit developments in Kooringa Road will put excessive strain on infrastructure, will cause excessive noise as well as other disturbance to existing residents.

    In the past twelve months alone, Sydney Water has been required to attend several times due to inadequate sewage and water services in this street, further development will put additional strain on services that are already inadequate.

    The planned 4 storey complex will mean the loss of sunshine for many residents, and may necessitate the removal of numerous trees, which are home to native wildlife, and which act as wind breaks and shade in windy or hot weather.

    This planned complex is not in keeping with the aesthetic of the area, will cause further overcrowding, and is not likely to improve amenities or infrastructure for residents already living in the area, and may in fact provide further strain on existing services.

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