72-90 Cambridge St Collingwood VIC 3066

Construct a multi-storey, mixed use building, use as an art gallery, and a reduction in car parking requirements in accordance with the endorsed plans.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 4 years ago. It was received by them 4 days earlier.

(Source: Yarra City Council, reference PLN15/1083)

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  1. Peter Martin & Bruce Cruden commented

    Seriously not another development. There are already 2 major complexes (600 apartments) just a few hundred metres away from this one, another about to begin (200 apartments) and 2 more blocks sold ready for more of the same.

    Reviewing the traffic management report for the development site at Wellington & Gertrude sts, it clear that the reports do not take into consideration of the builds that are underway and yet to begin but are slated for development. It also does not take into consideration the public transport, except to say that there is some available, not whether current residents around the area can access the public transport. With more and more apartments being built the roads, and transport just can't take it, The last report I read said there was sufficient roads and transport, but that was before any of the new buildings were finished.

    The granting of building permits has to stop, or at best keep the height restricted to levels like the rest of the suburb. The new developments on Wellington St are too high, and the island development is definitely not in keeping with the industrial theme of Collingwood. The idea that imprinted silos to give the building a curvy effect is ridiculous and not industrial. We are concerned that the whole historical significance of Collingwood is not being considered at all.

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