566-594 Princes Highway, Kirrawee

Mixed Use Retail, Commercial & Residential Development and Associated Public Park

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: NSW Joint Regional Planning Panels, reference 2015SYE133 DA)


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  1. Mrs June Wilson commented

    NSW Joint Regional Planning Panel
    Re: DA15/1134
    Former Brick Pit Site
    566-594 Princes Highway
    Dear Sir,

    Once again I am writing to support the development of the Kirrawee Brick Pit Site which has been an eyesore for many years.

    Since 2001 there has been many meetings, submissions, appeal by Sutherland
    Council to the Land and Environment Court and final a determination of concept plan MP10_0076 was made by PAC-Planning Assessment Commission 23rd August 2012
    giving it approval with certain conditions.

    In 2013 the site was sold to Pace, they in turned sold the development rights to Deicorp, Payce retaining the ownership of the land.

    We now have another DA increasing 432 units to 749 units and here we are some 14 years later and nothing done except clear the site and remove the water from the hole! It is a pity that the development was blocked back in 2008 when it would have been much smaller and less traffic for our area and would have been built by now.

    My husband and I live in the nearby Retirement Village and along with others here have wanted super markets and other shops to complement Kirrawee Local shops in Oak Road. It will be so much more convenient to be able to walk to the proposed shops without the need for public transport. Many here do not drive.

    The proposed 749 dwellings will provide much needed housing close to shops and Kirrawee Railway Station.

    Traffic is a concern however, I am sure the authorities will sort it out. We look forward to the removal of the round-a-bout at the intersection of Oak and Flora Street replacing it with much needed traffic lights and pedestrian crossings which we do not have from Flora street at present making it difficult for people with walkers.

    I like the concept of a local park although I see this is now subject to further VPA thus reducing it in size which is a great shame because we do not have a public park for elderly folk to relax in.

    Heritage Conservation of the Pipe Kiln, it is hoped that this will be preserved and incorporated in the design of the site as it is part of Kirrawee Heritage.

    It will be a great day for Kirrawee people when the site is completely built providing, jobs, homes, much needed supermarkets, shops. park, conservation of the Pipe Kiln where elderly people can go and have easy access-(elderly people stay clear of Westfield too large and difficult)

    I declare that I have not made any political donations or gift to a Councillor or Council employee

    I thank you for the opportunity of making this submission and that you will take it into consideration.

    So I say bring it on, the sooner the better.

    Yours sincerely,

    June Wilson
    Donald Robinson Village
    Flora Street
    Kirrawee NSW 2232

  2. Natalie Popple commented

    It depends on whether the Da refers to bulk retail, commercial or small business what sort of traffic will be attracted to a already severely conjested area. We have not been told how many parking spaces are to be provided and /or any secured tenancy contracts i.e.: Coles, Sky Zone, Norton Street Grocer, Costco, Ikea etc...etc... Also because of the huge scope of this project I think a wider Neighbour Impact area should be considered. Don't forget the extra traffic caused by the Train Station during peak times as a safe P/up and drop off location. What extra public transport will be integrated into the area I:e Cab rank, bus stop. I know this project will go ahead. It's called progress BUT should it be at the cost of the Suburb's integrity? Council needs to decide what it is willing to ask the state government to do to help congestion on these roads: Flora Street, Oak Road and the main Princes Hwy. I also believe that we have to look at pending DAs for the Hotel project across the Hwy as this will increase pedestrian traffic in the area.Thank you for considering my concerns.

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