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Community Facilities Development

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. It was received by them 2 days earlier.

(Source: Tamworth Regional Council, reference DA2016/0175)


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  1. Matt Zell commented

    Tamworth does not need a mosque/prayer centre or another community centre. Why segregate them from other people. Plain and simple. Not needed.

  2. Jeffrey L Bartlett commented

    I would have to agree with a previous objection, if the so called community centre, is going to be used as a religious worshiping centre, the application should be appropriately submitted as such so that it can be assessed appropriately. If the applicant continues to advise that the centre will not be used as a religious worship centre and there are already concerns being raised that it will be, a caveat should be placed on any approval that the centre not be used for any religious worship. Let the application be judged correctly in regards to what it is intended to be used as, not being clouded to its true intentions.

  3. Richard RIGGS commented

    I agree with all the above comments

  4. Leanne commented

    This development application appears after reading it to be a fabrication of lies calling it a community centre. The contents within the proposal suggest the facility for mosque purposes and therefore should have been stated as such resulting in the proposal being perceived as misleading to the community. Should the Quran be preached within this facility, it will preach it's contents which are not compatible with western society and constitutional law. This application is perception deception. In other terms, taqiyya. They should integrate within our community including all of the wonderful facilities we already have in the region and not segregate themselves. I have seen countless advertisements displaying this property as a mosque, and countless suggestions in the proposal as such, so there is a big difference between a community centre and a mosque. Not a good start for the proposal is it?

  5. Sue Alderson commented

    I agree with all of the above comments, this is our Country, we do not need segregation, we need to live, work and play together, after all I thought they came here for a better life, long live our Australia, and long live our Country music.

  6. Annie Press commented

    Don't turn my country into some messed up place they left.NO TO BIKIES .NO TO MOSQUES.They are worse than any out law motor cycle group. ☺

  7. Daniel Gillett commented

    Stop being bigots. Australians should be free to express their faith, and to gather together as a community of friends. If you object to this, you need to take a good look at yourself and ask what sort of freedoms our ancestors fought and died for. Bring on some dialogue, understanding, and tolerance.

  8. Leah Dryden commented

    If it were that a "community centre" was to be erected at the proposed site, I don't believe this is needed as fortunately for our community we have numerous community centres in our region, which I believe services our needs.

    Now if it were that a Mosque was to be erected at the proposed site, I welcome it's addition to our towns facilities with open arms.
    Tamworth is an expanding multicultural, multireligion community, and it is an opportunity for the residents of our town, new and old, to develop a cohesion of existence. It's exciting to have people come and choose to establish their families homes here, they obviously value our morals and our virtues.
    And as we have done before, and I hope, really hope we can do again, welcome any new religions, nationalities and people to our region.
    And as we have the right to worship our chosen religions from their appropriate house of prayer, new cultures should be free to do as we take for granted.
    Whether you're Christian, Catholic, jehovahs Witness, a Buddhist or a Muslim you should be given the same respect as the people who stood before you.
    Building a mosque will give people a sense of place, of home, of love. How can anyone fight a war of hate when they feel love and acceptance?

  9. Wayne Painter commented

    The house in question is next to the bunk house on Goonoo. Goonoo Rd and the next time The bunk house is for sale that is where the mosk. Will be In my opinion. So I am apposed to Development

  10. Anthony commented

    So if it's a community Center non Muslim would be welcomed? And if it's just a community Center why can't they use the facilities that are all ready on offer in Tamworth? Why was google maps calling it a mosque? Could any one on hear maybe enlighten me on who the registered immigration officer is for our region and maybe also enlighten me on what law firm handled the sale of this building and the legal side of things for the crescent community, just out of curiosity.

  11. Helen Mary Jones commented

    I am very concerned about this development. In reality it will be a mosque, even though it says community centre as it has been posted on social media as a mosque. Having lived and worked in England, I have seen first hand the racial conflicts which are unresolved and the tensions created by them. I have worked with Muslims and been treated with disrespect because I am an educated woman.
    The problem is that Muslims believe Christians are infidels and it is okay to kill them in the name of the Quran , which It specifically stated. I have studied Islam and read a large part of the Quran.
    Tolerance goes both ways, they need to accept and tolerate our society and integrate into our country. Interestingly enough, Muslim countries are not welcoming refugees like we are.
    Please consider the impact this will have on our community. Also, reflect on the fact that there is already a mosque in Tamworth and one in Kootingal, which were not disclosed to the community. Why was that? I do not believe this will be positive for our community or increase tolerance.

  12. Verona Gimbergh commented

    I have no problem regarding this community centre.
    I believe the council would have received few negative responses if it were a community centre for a non Muslim group.
    I'm not aware of any problems caused by any of our local Muslim residents.
    Most of the hate coming from the local community has been from non Muslims.
    All residents, no matter their race or religion should be treated with kindness, fairness and compassion.
    Many of the comments suggest the community centre should not go ahead suggesting the Muslims should assimilate.
    A bit hard when there are so many inciting hatred and condemnation against these people.

  13. Mandy Hearne commented

    Our comments and concerns will not stop the so called Community Centre (Mosque). Why are Tamworth Regional Council allowing it to be called a Community Centre when its not going to be used as that, but a place of prayer, be upfront with the truth. Tamworth residents deserve to be informed of the truth and council should expect the truth on all applications, not misleading information. I feel council knew all about this from the start.

  14. Ross T commented

    I say NO ! it is about segregation of the community. In no way is this a "community centre".

  15. Di Riley commented

    Dear Councilors
    I would like to lodge my objection to the mosque being built.
    This property was bought in 2014 after the current owners fund raised to buy a Masjid. I have their flyer.
    The owners have since been using this property as a Masjid for approximately a year. Its advertised around the various internet mosque finder sites as a Mosque. I have screenshots.
    I also have a screenshot of the applicant asking for donations for the Masjid. (mosque)
    To apply to council for approval for a community centre that is going to continue to offer the five prayers and also the friday prayers is stretching the truth a lot.
    Clearly the owners of this mosque hold the councilors in contempt as well as the population of Tamworth. Maybe they think the Councillors are stupid enough to pass the application and not have a clue what is really going on.
    This application needs to go BACK to the start again as a place of worship and let the Tamworth people and the people who come to Tamworths's festival have a say on this development.
    Everyone has a right to religion but in the case of Islam where Islamists are a very real and present threat the Council has the responsibility to keep the community safe.
    Australia already has over 400 mosques/musallas/prayer rooms/islamic centres

  16. Chris Eather commented

    I wish to object to the proposed community centre. There seems to be a lot of suspicion that it may in fact be used as a mosque. I think the majority of locals agree that this is not wanted in our town.

  17. Annette commented

    I am writing to voice my objections to a mosque (or community centre). The accusations of being "intolerant " are unfounded for this discussion as it is unfortunately Islam which is "intolerant" of our western society. Any other religious building I am happy to embrace. I ask that those in authority would read the qua ran in full before a decision is made. Not a qua ran where it is in order of longest to shortest verse, but the qua ran in chronological order.The law of abrogation states according to the Muslim faith is that any words revealed to Muhhumad that are different than early ones, than the latest is to be obeyed. The final instructions of Muhhumud are of intolerance towards anyone who is not a Muslim. Read it for yourself please and don't just listen to my ravings (taubah Chpt 9 was the 2nd last chapter revealed to Muhhumud). I think we can show tolerance to Muslims living in Tamworth, I do not believe any of them are afraid or fearful, I speak to them at school and happy to do that, however we need to be very educated on the reality of what happens once a Mosque is built. It is their belief that it is like a claim over the city and have more power in the community. I am not "fascist" - its a religion anyway not a race. But we need to remember that since 9/11 there have been 26,008 Islamic Terrorist Attacks, and they continue more frequently on a regular basis. I believe the issue of what is causing Fundamental Islam needs to be addressed and resolved before we contribute to the fastest growing religion at the moment.

  18. M. Billings commented

    I object to this mosque (community centre) proposed for Tamworth. In fact I object to any mosques being built in Australia. They are not just a place for prayer, but a place for hate preaching against western civilisation. Muslims will not assimilate into our culture, so why should we with there's. Why are Muslims a protected species in Australia, when we all know they would not afford us the same treatment in a Muslim country. Each new mosque, each new objection to our laws, our way of life is just driving an even bigger wedge between our two cultures. If they are happy to come live in Australia, then they should be happy to asslmilate & not try to change Australia into the place they left.
    No to all mosques.

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