2 Shirley Avenue Glen Waverley VIC 3150

The construction of four (4) double storey dwellings with car parking and landscaping and vegetation removal

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 3 months earlier.

(Source: Monash City Council, reference TPA/44281)


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  1. John Rivis commented

    The application for four (4) double storey dwellings is an over development of the site.
    The size of each dwelling would be very small: the rooms would be like dog boxes.

    To be consistent with the area,two (2) double storey 3 bedroom dwellings would be more appropriate. eg 10 & 13 Hunter Street. These properties are in close proximity to 2 Shirley Avenue and are of a high standard of construction and appearance.

    Three (3) double storey dwellings would be more appropriate than four (4) dwellings as they will have larger rooms. eg .Refer to 18 Hunter Street and 17 Edith Street as typical examples. Each dwelling is very small and to have four (4) dwellings without gardens on 2 Shirley Avenue the rooms would be even smaller.

  2. Jo Lucas commented

    I agree with John Rivis. Plus; overall there is too much development going on with generic ''cookie cutter'' beige rendered townhouses. These are not obviously not architecturally designed. They are bland and boring. Overall these ''fast buck'' developments will bring down the suburb of Mount Waverley and also of Glen Waverley. This will be both in terms of price and desirability as there is no scarcity in these types of dwellings and if council keeps allowing them the suburb will take on the appearance of a housing development project. Meanwhile council is trying to impose a green overlay. I think that what council should be concerned with is the quality and uniqueness of the dwellings and the number of dwellings per block. That will take care of the green aspect of the suburb.

  3. Joe lorenzo commented

    This is close proximity to train station, land is expensive we need to maximize and share for the benefit of human nature. The concil should consider up to 5 story tall to give more space . I totally agree for full potential development especially if with in walking distance to train station.

  4. Denise crawford commented

    It's nice to see old house being replace with new town house. It's means progress and modernization of suburb. Totally agree with Joe Lorenzo, it's waking distance to train station and will take cars out of the street, full potential development us essential for future use, obviously the population will expand for those who oppose think about your kids and your grandchildren where will u house them. We live in the new century not in the 70's we need to keep up with all the latest technology , unfortunately that's the future of melbourne, with in .5 km of train station land need to be use wisely.

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