7 Pomona Road, Empire Bay NSW 2257

Additional Sites & Infrastructure Works - Bayside Caravan Park

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Central Coast Council (Gosford), reference 011.2015.00048304.001 )

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  1. M & J S commented

    Apologies that we missed the cut-off date but we were unaware of this proposed development and would like the following to be considered:
    1. The application does not comply with 7 [c2] zoning as it would no longer be a buffer between residential and protected bushland.
    2. The proposal is a commercial venture in the guise of affordable housing and does not fit with the residential guidelines for Pomona Road.
    3. There is insufficient infrastructure for this supposed affordable housing.
    4. There are already traffic concerns due to the narrow road which would be exacerbated if there were bush fires or floods requiring speedy evacuation.
    5. The current use of 7 Pomona Road is a storage yard for caravans, boats and a variety of shipping containers. It is an eyesore and completely at odds with a residential area.
    6. The current Bayside Caravan Park business operates from a different street address as a Caravan Park and should not be allowed to extend into Pomona Road as a Mobile Home Village.
    7. The proposal notes that cabins will be constructed 3m off the boundary which would cause noise issue for the direct neighbouring properties. Apart from the fact that 3m would not be permissible in normal building applications.
    For these reasons we would respectfully ask council to dismiss the proposed development application.

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