247-249 Wardell Road Marrickville NSW 2204

To demolish existing improvements and construct a 7 storey mixed use development with a commercial tenancy, 1 car parking space and 7 motorcycle spaces on the ground floor level; 33 boarding rooms (including a caretakers unit) on the upper floor levels and basement bicycle and waste storage facilities

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 4 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201500484)


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  1. Mark J commented

    A 7 storey building with one car space? Right next to the train station too.
    Well it will certainly fit in with the other monstrosities that have gone up in that section of Dulwich Hill so council should have no problems approving this proposed eye sore.
    I do not understand how offering 33 boarding rooms is really tackling the housing issues that our state government has raised but no doubt they will be profitable for the developers so that's all good.

  2. Simon Maddison commented

    Hi there,

    1 Car park is incredibly low. I know there is a push for people to use public transport but the reality is - and this cannot be denied - that people still prefer to use cars. The result of having insufficient car parks is that available on street parking for current residents will be hugely effected both by this and what becomes of the entire sight (which is currently also under provisioned in the latest plans). As many of us do not have off street parking I see this as a huge issue and I strongly object.


  3. SILVIA LEVAME commented

    I oppose to this 'development' as it is shortsighted and impractical. One car space is a ridiculous proposition and will only congest and clog the already clogged streets around the area. Parking will be impossible and local businesses will not benefit from the housing development as there will be limited passing trade due to the traffic and parking situation.

    Please do not approve this absurd development which will only benefit the developers and maybe some else who is facilitating the process...

  4. Alfred Peterson commented

    NO MORE BOARDING ROOMS IN DULWICH HILL. This location is prime, right next to 3 forms of public transport! Apartments is more suitable and will provide better amenities for both the public and the future residents. The ugly building (containing boarding rooms) opposite is a prominent example of 'cheap' materials used to uplift developer's profits. WE WANT CREATIVE, INNOVATIVE AND ARCHITECTURALLY EXCITING DESIGNS. All the proposed buildings along Wardell Road near Dulwich Hill are not good designs. Our community deserved much better architecture. I highly recommend the council introduces a 'design excellence panel' that independently rewards 6 star green rated building by additional height or FSR. I'd rather much better denser urban designs than unacceptable smaller building masses.

  5. sharon commented

    Surely that must be an error.. Seven storey building with 33 boarding rooms and one car space? Are the architects 5 year olds who don't understand how people and society works?!
    Will there be a rule that only bike owners can buy or live there?
    What a novel idea!
    No one could possibly think this is a good idea!

  6. michele commented

    Is it just me or do the numbers seem strange. Only 33 boarding rooms over 7 storeys?
    Even allowing that the ground floor is commercial that is an avg of 5.5 room per floor. Must be large rooms?

  7. clancy m commented

    33 boarding rooms With only one car space must be an error.
    Where will the people living in the building park? On the already clogged streets?
    I oppose this, provide more parking or don't build so many rooms!

  8. Diana Nguyen commented

    Just, no. 33 boarding rooms with one car space? Is there a cohesive plan for the future of Dulwich Hill? It seems as though nonsensical developments are popping up left, right and centre without any consideration for future impacts on the community. I oppose this ill-thought out development.

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