18 Macpherson Street Warriewood NSW 2102

Subdivision into 84 residential lots and one community lot and the erection of 84 dwellings and associated civil works.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website about 5 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: Pittwater Council, reference N0177/15)


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  1. Helen O'Shea commented

    Please approve this application, there is a shortage of affordable housing and this seems like a good development

  2. Stacey Mitchell commented

    Affordable housing is one thing but infrastructure to cope with this is another. I have been a warriewood resident for 44 years and the development and influx of housing is out of control. Traffic chaos is now a daily ritual here. How much more do we have to bend for developers!

  3. Anne Cannon commented

    I completely agree with Stacey Mitchell. 84 new dwellings seems too many on that amount of land and will certainly impact on the infrastructure and traffic chaos already present.

  4. Scott Fryer commented

    I agree with both comments above. The traffic situation is becoming an absolute nightmare in this pocket of the northern beaches, and in an area that is already lacking in transport infrastructure. It is disappointing that these developments are being approved without any consideration for traffic management.

  5. Helen commented

    I really don't understand the well meaning comments from the above residents. I go to Warriewood regularly to visit the new rocket playground (another great facility paid for by Pittwater council) and to visit the nursery last Sunday in the same street. Warriewood traffic always seems extremely quiet. Admittedly I'm not there during peak hour but that would be the same anywhere. There are plenty of regular buses services intersecting the suburb and of course major bus services down Pittwater road and even a park and ride. There are lots of protected green spaces, the wetlands, recreational facilities and new playgrounds which are the envy of neighbouring suburbs, as well as the new and improved shopping centre with additional parking bring built. I actually think the opposite, that Warriewood is eminently well placed to handle more residents, which is why I want to live there with my family. I see no evidence of infrastructure problems at all! I would understand if residents had concerns about a lot of high density housing estates going up and their impact, but all the developments I've been looking at are only low and medium density family housing which is completely consistent with other housing in the area. People do have to live somewhere, there is nowhere else much with available land for developments on the beaches and with the ongoing investment into the area will bring benefits that all residents can share. I wonder whether these residents are being very objective and it is just a case of "not in my back yard". I hope that is not the case as it would seem to be quite selfish, I can have my nice house in a nice community with good facilities near the beach but we don't want to share it with anyone else? I hope that it's not your predictable response.

  6. Kelly commented

    I think Helen’s comments above are a bit misguided as a weekend visitor to the Valley.
    The statement “not in my backyard’ has nothing to do with the actual infrastructure of the Valley, it just isn’t coping now, let alone when and if several other developments go through. For example 84 new dwellings will potentially add another 170 cars during peak hour.
    Helen I think you are forgetting that half of Warriewood Valley has been zoned light industrial which includes traffic funnelling from:
    * Many large Industrial Complexes and two major healthcare manufacturers/laboratories in Jubilee, Vineyard and Apollo/Prosperity Rds which generate a massive amount of traffic not only with employees, business/trade visitors, associated business vehicles and trucks but continuous articulated and container deliveries.
    * From Daydream Ave and 92 Mona Vale Rd - traffic from numerous office and Industrial Complexes including the newly constructed "Amber" complex which includes (among other tenants) a swimming school, Child Care centre and Cafe.
    * There has been an approval for a (much needed) 100 bed Private Hospital complimenting a variety of Medical/Physio/Chiro etc professional practices already existing.
    * There are now 4 Child Care Centres and a kids Party establishment, not to mention Mater Maria High School drop off and pickups and the massive Retirement Home and newly constructed villas.
    * In heavy rain the East end of Macpherson Street is under water making it difficult to get through to Warriewood Rd and the road is currently breaking up because of the constant water damage.
    The above mentioned points all contribute to excessive traffic chaos in peak hour times and it’s not unusual from traffic to be at a standstill for over a kilometre trying to get through the roundabouts on Ponderosa in the mornings.
    I think it is irresponsible at this stage not to consider the infrastructure and any future DA's should include traffic impact studies and current traffic flow statistics for the valley.

    It’s not about being selfish Helen, it’s about common sense.

  7. Stacey Mitchell commented

    Absolutely Kelly - you nailed it. Sorry Helen but I am a resident of Warriewood now for 40 years and your comment "not in my backyard" seriously what a misguided comment! I don't live in the valley but I can tell you the infrastructure is not there. We now also have a dementia house in Alameda Way and no foot path or pedestrian crossing to support that?! Let's just keep popping in houses, who needs roads!!!

    Let me just pick up on your transport option - The bus service that comes through Warriwood 185 only goes to Wynyard yet so many elederly need it to go to Central (for trains to airports) but no, the elderly are expected to change at Narrabeen (with luggage etc).

    Yes we have some green spaces but that doesn't help us access adjoining suburbs - get to work, school, shops - and yes in peak hour or school periods!

    Perhaps take a drive in peak hour and you may understand the frustration we, the long suffering residents are facing. Poor old South ward - we always bear the brunt! But let's see some proper studies and perhaps some spend on infrastructure to match another influx! But that's what we get as a "blue ribbon seat". No one listens!!!

    No one objects to people wanting to "buy in" but we object to the fact that we can't support it and shouldn't have to suffer because the state govt opens up land grabs and the developers get richer - we suffer!

    So with respect Helen, your response is misguided and lacking substance and wasn't necessary. Know your facts before you tell us, the residents, what we should accept and shouldn't!

  8. Vanessa commented

    Ladies - How about expressing your general frustrations to the council instead of here. http://www.pittwater.nsw.gov.au/yoursay Helen is only wanting to get into the area to have a good life for her young family - which Warriewood can certainly provide.

    I do agree there are traffic problems at peak times which need to be addressed. Suggested solutions are to extend Brands Lane to encourage a different route through to Mona Vale Rd, and to replace the roundabout at Jubilee & Machperson St with traffic lights, to alleviate the bottleneck where the congestion begins.

    (Also - No northern beaches buses go to Central Station anymore, as they are building the light rail.)

  9. Helen commented

    Thanks Vanessa! Good constructive suggestions. I admitted that I'm not there during peak times but most suburbs have issues during peak times, school drop offs etc, allambie heights the suburb I used to live in ( now in Dee why) is no exception, but from my observation Warriewood is still better placed to handle more residents than either of those two suburbs. Dee why is experiencing substantial development including quite a lot of high rise but they don't seem to have the level of difficulty of getting development applications through the council that Warriewood does. I'm not sure why this is the case.

  10. Kelly commented

    Just to be clear Vanessa, these discussions you see here are actually sent off to Pittwater Council as well.

    I also don't think you have read my comments properly....."I think it is irresponsible at this stage not to consider the infrastructure and any future DA's should include traffic impact studies and current traffic flow statistics for the valley". I am not opposing the DA's but they need to consider the infrastructure to support them. The number of dwellings suggested times four possible developments equates to an average of 672 additional cars during peak hour.

    If I need to leave my home during the afternoon peak hour to drop the kids to training, it takes me 20-30 minutes just to get through the roundabout and onto Ponderosa.

    As you say 'suggested solutions' are great, but that's all they are.....suggestions aren't they. We need a plan of action and that was the point I was making.

  11. M. Donald commented

    I live across the road from this new development. Traffic has already become an issue from other existing developments, especially during peak times and school times. I am also experiencing overcrowding from cars parked in the general area, there is simply not enough room for them. Even in my own estate it's causing issues where people are parking their cars outside someone else's house preventing them from parking. The car overcrowding is causing the main problems.

  12. A Vanesa thaler commented

    This is becoming ridiculous. There are also 3 large developments happening at 53, 53b and 53c Warriewood road which most neighbours are objecting to (including myself) with no reply received so far.
    Lorikeets grove will be used as an access road to over 50 dwellings, a tiny little one lane road that is not even wide enough to comply with the definition of access road.
    BTW, access roads are supposed to only access 30 dwelling and we are already 18.
    In case of emergency, I am not sure how all these people are going to evacuate.
    Warriewood road has no footpath all the way from Pittwater road until Bramds lane, but who cares, let's bring more people to the area so that we can run over them when we drive at night and they walk in the middle of the road

  13. Rita commented

    I am a Warriewood's resident and always loved this place. Things are changing faster now - some for better like the renovation and extension of Warriewood Square. It brought more jobs for local residents. With a variety of shops now, nobody needs to go to Mona Vale Shopping Center or even to Warringah Mall anymore. Other things are changing for worse - being the traffic among them. The traffic is even worse, however, from Cromer towards the city! I believe this is the price everyone has to pay in the name of what is called "progress". Although I love Warriewood, I know it's inevitable to keep it the way it was for good, and I see myself moving out of here in a few years... when the horses won't be around anymore! Unfortunately, the overpopulated areas were predictable sometime ago and could be avoided somehow if the government didn't stir the desire of increasing our population that was "getting old". The government offered some money for young families to have more kids and we suddenly saw a boom of three to five little kids for family around NSW. Then we have the government again encouraging immigration. The government, however, did not plan that really well because Sydney and Melbourne we were already "crowded". Well, what can we expect now?

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