77 Forrest Street, Mount Lawley, WA, 6050

Proposed Construction of Three Storey Grouped Dwelling

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Vincent City Council, reference New_page/No_77_Lot_1_Forrest_Street)


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  1. Daisy Lyle commented

    This huge building is not in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood in any way. This is an area of single and two storey homes that blend well together. This application is for a building that would stick out like a lighthouse and dominate the streetscape from every direction. It flaunts the R-codes in countless ways for scale, bulk and consideration to the feel of the neighbourhood. If Vincent approves this, one would have to ask what is the point of the R-codes, and what will come next? Three storey buildings throughout this residential area? Why stop there?
    If the owners/developers of this land wanted to build a monument to themselves on this scale perhaps they should have bought land in one of the many places where this scale is appropriate, not a beautiful established low rise residential area.

  2. Simon commented

    Residential streets in the older inner suburbs of Perth like Mt Lawley are already 'developed'. There is an ideal mix of housing options here, and a diverse range of long term residents and families, with a good balance of flats, terraced houses and family sized homes. We don't want the so called 'redevelopments' that degrade and threaten to destroy what makes the areas so desirable. So called 'developers' and 'investors' looking to build gigantic multi storied flat blocks or McMansions to sell on for profit, should be restricted from building in these areas. They should be encouraged to create infill developments closer to the city centre and in under utilised industrial, 'unused' or 'undeveloped' areas. There is an abundance of space around the city with potential for high density development. These developments do not suit the existing infrastructure of the long established inner suburbs. They put strain on the existing emenities and ruin the character of the area. The local government should protect our character suburbs and prevent these 'developments' from happening here.

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