410-416 Sydney Park Road Alexandria NSW 2015

On northern side of Sydney Park, demolition of existing cycle tracks and construction, fitout and use of new single storey building as a child care centre for up to 80 children between the ages of 0 - 6 with associated outdoor play areas. Non-illuminated signage on wall near main entry. Modifications to existing adjacent car park to dedicate 5 existing parking spaces for child care centre use and make 8 spaces available for child drop off and pick up. Removal of 2 trees. Proposed hours of operation are 7.00am to 6.00pm, Mondays to Fridays inclusive.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Sydney, reference D/2014/1954)


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  1. Mike Guegan commented

    The cycle tracks are used year round by a huge number of families in the area. They also fulfil a valuable road safety function for children. To remove this facility would mean a huge lose to the public.

    Also the building of a private use building on a public park is cause for concern. It isn't in keeping with the overall look of the park.

  2. Nicolas Francois commented

    I oppose this demolition of a space for public use in order to convert it for private usage.
    What is the proposal of the council to replace this public space?
    With all the new massive developments being built in Erskineville, was it not possible to demand that some of their floor space be dedicated for the provision of childcare service?

  3. Joe Levitt commented

    This bike area provides a vital safety function. There's nowhere else in Sydney where children can learn about traffic lights, roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, road signs, etc. in a safe, controlled environment. There are also bike service and safety courses for adults put on in this space. The Westconnex is already trying to devour much of Sydney Park and I agree that this sort of infrastructure should have been taken into account before allowing so much residential building in the area. I think there will be a huge public backlash once this becomes general knowledge and that more people combined with less park is a very bad idea indeed.

  4. Joe ortenzi commented

    Why does the bike path have to be demolished for the provision of a private business? Surely it could be located a few dozen meters to one side, or the bike path could be restored after cometion. I can imagine several parents might also like to drop off and collect their children by bicycle and not just by car.
    Not very well thought out!

  5. Jennifer commented

    While there is an urgent need for more childcare spaces in the Inner West, and the City of Sydney should be congratulated for planning to build a new childcare centre, this is not the right location.

    First, its locatation beside a major road is not an appropriate - it is noisy, polluted and dangerous.

    Second, the bike area is a valuable educational resource for the region. As far as I know the only similar resources are at Homebush Park and Campbelltown.

    I note that the application is in the name of the city so the land will remain in public ownership. However the city has been shortsighted not to ensure that the developers, who have profited from the monstrous buildings they have constructed in the area, provide space for kindergartens within their developments.

    With the State Government hellbent on taking the other side of the park for West Connex, we cannot afford to lose more of the park.

    Council needs to find a more appropriate location, preferably in conjunction with the Department of Education as primary school places will be needed as those children grow older..

  6. Damon commented

    Is this a private or council daycare centre? This is not specified. While the inner west is in desperate need of childcare places, this is not the correct place for the venue. Public parks should not be chopped up to find space, there are plenty of other avenues.

  7. Melanie commented

    After checking the actual DA site plans, elevations etc... and reading the environmental impact statement found on City of Sydney web site under current DA's It clearly states that.

    "The existing cycling track to be relocated adjacent to the administration building west of the site. It is understood that this relocation will take place prior to the construction of the child care facility. The relocated cycling track will have the effect of retaining community uses in a single area within the Park."

    Looks like the bike track is not going anywhere people... just relocated and possibly improved.

  8. Gregory Stevens commented

    Its Bad enough you had to construct a car park in a public park to facilitate the over sided and populated slums on the corner of SPR and Mitcheal which is cloghed road.
    To take away a popular kids play area to repace with a money making venture..for the Cof S. Take back one of the ground floor units for your asperational clients needs.

  9. Ray McRae commented

    It is sad to see the number of negative comments relating to this proposal. Sydney council should be applauded for recognising and acting upon the needs of the local population.
    We lose nothing by having this child care centre built, and it will obviously help reduce exceptionally long child care waiting lists in the area.
    I look forward to seeing it finished.

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