15 Samoa Avenue Picnic Point NSW 2213

Demolition of existing structures and construction of an attached dual occupancy with front fence and torrens title subdivision

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 5 years ago. It was received by them 17 days earlier.

(Source: Canterbury-Bankstown Council, reference DA-1334/2014)

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  1. Graeme McTighe commented

    It's typical of the urban culture we have allowed to grow in Australia. Homes built 30 or 40 years ago with sound structures are demonolished and replaced with tightly packed duplexes that have no room for plants other than synthetic grass and a couple of solar lights placed near the driveways.

    Bankstown in the leafy Picnic Point area is becoming more like the urban developments near Oran Park. Little or no folliage makes for an environment that becomes hotter, children more indrawn because there isn't a space to play/exercise in a yard.

    The council's domestic dwelling ordnance for the area, states that new developments must fit into existing housing environments and not detract from the local residence area. Two storey duplexes next to a single storey property and across the road properties hardly fits in.

    Unfortunately, without proper mechanisms to make all parties compliant, these types of homes go up without being challenged. An application for DA has been put forward without published plans. No one can accurately assess the wholistic impact such a development would have - it must be a complete package. Any amendments must also be published to understand the impact this has on neighbours. More is required before approval.

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