60-78 Regent Street, Redfern, NSW

60-78 Regent Street, Redfern - Partial demolition of existing buildings (substantial retention of the Regent Street façade) and construction of an 18 storey student accommodation building consisting of 134 units with a total of 370 beds with retail and community space at ground floor.

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  1. Michelle Maarhuis commented

    This project should NOT be approved.

    The area directly surrounding is already heavily densely populated with tall apartment buildings. You would be obstructing the view from local businesses and adjacent apartment complexes. It would be a travesty to inject another unnecessary tower into the area. Not only is it visually displeasing, it will create a further draft to the already wind tunnel that leads through to Redfern Station. It will cast a shadow over Regent Street.

    There are also a high number of developments recently approved in the area, you are putting local residents at risk of not being able to rent out their properties and potential market crash for Redfern.

  2. GRANT WHYTE commented

    The 2x 18 story buildings there are already enough! its going to look a total eyesore!
    Start thinking about envoiment this is really going to impacted on the area that is just starting to lift its status student accommodation does nothing to add value or help the CBD of Redfern.
    I have been a long time supporter of Redfern and love living here this really is going to put Redfern back 10 years as it was.
    Not that Like the 2x 18 story buildings but at least working people are looking after them and occupants are spending money in area surely this is one of the most important factors Students spend very little!
    You only need to look at Auckland NZ the downtown is a mess, it used to be very beautiful and now it is ruined with student high raise's everywhere it truley is a disgrace.
    You also are NOT condsidering the 2x 18 story buildings how there light and views are going to be effected!


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