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350 Moreland Road, Brunswick West VIC 3055

Construction of a five storey building containing 72 apartments and two associated commercial tenancies and reduction in the required car parking and waiver of the loading bay requirements

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. It was received by them about 2 months earlier.

(Source: Moreland City Council, reference MPS/2014/946)


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  1. Warren commented

    Not keen on any reductions to parking, Moreland rd's volume of traffic has increased and having more cars parking on the street will lead to problems.

  2. Joshua Henry commented

    This proposed development would be detrimental to the character and amenity of the area. The proposed size is out of proportion to the quiet residential neighbourhoods which surround it. At five stories it will hulk over the surrounding houses on Cornwall Street and the double and single story businesses to the West and North on Moreland Road. There is insufficient space for car parking and the addition of 72 residences will only exacerbate congestion in the area.

  3. James commented

    I'm all for development in the area, but parking congestion in Brunswick is already dire. Every application I see asks for parking reductions, and there seems no reason in a development of this size why the developer/builder shouldn't have to provide sufficient parking onsite for the residents. Seems like a cost limiting exercise for the developer, with no commensurate benefit for the area.

  4. Chiara commented

    I disapprove this application. This development would be totally out of character for the surrounding area. It will be sitting at the top of the hill and as a 5 story building it would be towering over all the surrounding homes causing shadowing and loss of privacy. Traffic and Parking in Moreland road is already a problem so any reductions in parking would just make it worse. Building 2 storey townhouses on the site would be a better alternative.

  5. Andrew Roberts commented

    I too disagree with such a development.

    5 stories is completely out of character, traffic at that corner morning add night is very bad and a reduction in the car parking requirement seems to ignore the fact that cars will be parked in surrounding streets with attendant congestion and inevitable accidents.

    This development is very poorly considered.

    There will be significant overshadowing to the South East of the premises during summer months and also significant overlooking of nearby premises.

    Not to mention the significant burden on refuse collection and location of receptacles for collection.

  6. Joe commented

    As a long time resident/owner in this part of Brunswick West, I'm glad to see development finally occurring on Moreland Road. For too long, the area has been run down and neglected. Well considered medium density development along this strip would really rejuvenate the area . We have already seen this on the Southern and Western sides of Brunswick West where numerous high quality food/retail businesses have popped up to service the areas.

    That said, I trust the council will carefully review the application and, in particular, any reductions in parking.

  7. C.K commented

    As a long time resident of Brunswick we are pushed aside in the name of development,without any consideration to our concerns. When it gets to the stage of over thirty balconies looking into our back properties it does become a major concern ,there is no privacy for the existing buildings and the mass and height of the building is to overwhelming for a corner street which is basically one lane street at times with the high volume traffic,which passes through at the moment.
    Balconies associated with these buildings have air conditioning/heating units on them so are we going to be burdened with the constant humming of the condensers .The pattern that seems to be happening with the Moreland precinct is find an empty block build as high as possible and as dense as possible without any consideration to the surrounding area.

  8. Warren commented

    I couldn't agree more with CK , no privacy, more traffic, parking issues & listening to the hum of airconditioner's, sounds a lot like New Delhi to me, time to leave this council, just a grab for more revenue.

  9. K.H commented

    Would like to know what's going to be the two associated commercial tenancies .

  10. C.K. commented

    Has not been really specified what they are going to be but if it's my guess coffee shop and most likely an Ita express which seems to be a common practice with other buildings that have been built of this nature.Times have been allocated for operation hours in the vcat hearing of one of the shops.

  11. Scott Perri commented

    Glad to see after 25+yrs of vacant land (formerly a Shell service station) that someone is doing something with this property. As a resident of Brunswick west, I fully support this. The street lacks shops as it is, so any additional commercial enterprise will be great for the area. You will always get those who appose change & I can understand this, we also must remember not all occupiers will have a car, the public transport system will be a huge benefit to this development.

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