774 Military Rd, Mosman 2088

Camperdown Cellars - Packaged liquor licence - New

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  1. Susan Phillips commented

    I wish to object to the application to convert Kidstuff to a liquor outlet. I live at 786 Military Rd and have not received any notification regarding the proposed application. We have numerous liquor retailers and pubs in the area. The recent application by Dan Murphy was declined and I hope this application is also declined.

  2. Denis Grant commented

    Mosman residents are well served by liquor stores as there are at least seven packaged liquor outlets already operating in Mosman and many more in the nearby Cremorne and Neutral Bay areas. Therefore there is no need for any more liquor store licenses to be granted in this suburb.

    This comment is in agreement with Sgt. Smith of the Harbourside LAC who commented in the applicant's CIS (1-2680242019-CIS) that ".. there were too many outlets in the area". The police know better than anyone the problems associated with too many liquor outlets in a local area.

    The comment in the applicant's CIS (1-2680242019-CIS) regarding Mosman Council approving the application is irrelevant. Council is not responsible for granting liquor licenses and cannot refuse applications for a change of use when the application was for a benign sounding "fine wine and gourmet food outlet" without significant grounds for doing so such as traffic issues (Mosman Council approval document: 11122014-2629998-113906-1-2hawwwajdq). It is when the applicant subsequently applies for a packaged liquor license that the issues associated with the particular use are brought forward.

    The application for a liquor license at 774 Military Rd Mosman should be refused on the grounds that there are already enough outlets to service the local community.

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