2 - 6 View Street, Blaxland, NSW

A medical centre

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 6 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Blue Mountains City Council, reference X/1041/2014)

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  1. Alyson Mack commented

    As a resident of View Street I am worried about the extra traffic and car parking that goes along with a new medical centre. This space at the moment is dirt and a few trees, but it is used for parking for:
    1. IGA and other shops in the arcade plus the Tavern
    2. Post Office
    3. Paint shop, second hand shop
    4. Dentists
    Where would all these vehicles park when this space is a medical centre? There is hardly any kerb parking on View Street. On Hope Street there is limited kerb parking but if you lived here you would know how dangerous it is going past IGA carpark when vehicles parked along the kerb block the vision of patrons coming in and out of IGA.
    The intersection of View Street with the highway is very dangerous and has no middle island to half cross the street. I have seen a child hit by a car coming very fast around the corner from the highway trying to beat on-coming traffic. I have also had my own close calls trying to keep an eye on who is coming from the highway and from what direction because they are both dangerous. With the medical centre there would be more foot traffic, especially with older people and this intersection needs attention.
    Also on this street there are turning bays so residents can turn because of the middle being divided, but these bays are blocked by people parking after the no-parking sign now.
    Would you please do more research on this area before consent is given for this development especially regarding the safety issues I have raised. Thank you

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