Church Hall Renwick St, Alexandria 2015

Serbian Orthodox Church Community [04/01/2015] - Limited licence - multi-function - additional functions

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. It was received by them about 12 hours earlier.

(Source: NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, reference 1-2703596808)


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  1. Dimity Cara Moore commented

    To whom it may concern,
    This is totally inappropriate for a quiet residential street. Already there is inadequate parking for the visitors to the church, causing great inconvenience for the residents. There is also a consistent pattern from this church of loud drunken behaviour on the street, as well as littering with cigarette butts and broken liquor bottles.
    Please do not authorise this additional licensing request.
    Yours faithfully
    Dimity Moore
    (0419) 295 355

  2. Michael Knapp commented

    The church sits on a quiet suburban street, and typical of inner-south suburbs, parking is at a premium.

    This application should be rejected for the following reasons:

    1. The church has no off-street parking. Whenever the church has a function, local residents are forced to park many streets away from their houses.
    2. Allowing them to serve liquor will result in them increasing the number of functions they currently hold.
    3. People attending functions are often loud, disrespectful of local residents, breaking glass in the street and carrying on in an obnoxious manner.
    4. Already the church serves alcohol so allowing them to serve even more alcohol will increase what is really unacceptable behaviour

    I am not against any group being allowed to serve liquor, but not in the middle of a quiet residential area. Allowing a liquor licence will greatly exacerbate what is already undesirable behaviour and an unacceptable intrusion into the lives of people living nearby.

    For all the above reasons, and on the basis it simply flies in the face of what is reasonable and fair, this application must be rejected

  3. Mary and James Folderson commented

    To the NSW Office of Liquor,

    We kindly ask to either:

    A: reject this application due to the following reasons:
    1: the church is located in a quiet, peaceful residential area and whenever there are functions with alcohol serving, our quiet and peaceful neighborhood turns into an acoustic nightmare as drunk people on the street dont respect our neighborhood and scream, litter (broken glass, cigarette buds etc)
    2: parking is very limited and functions clearly impact our parking situation as we dont find parking spaces anymore although we pay for this priviledge.

    B: accept this application under the following circumstances:
    1: functions with alcohol serving can only be held inside the church, attending people need to stay inside when consuming.
    2: parking for attending people needs to be facilitated via public parking spaces.
    3: church staff is responsible for cleaning the streets afterwards in case there are cigarette buds, broken glass, empty bottles etc.

    Many thanks for your consideration,

    Mary and James

  4. Brett Randall commented

    I oppose this application. A church hall in a quiet residential area is not the appropriate location for three hours of liquor service every Sunday afternoon. There are an number of nearby hotels and licenced premises more appropriate for that.

  5. Jamieson Cramer commented

    This is ludicrous - why does a 'place of worship' need a liquor licence at all ? Serving alcohol EVERY Sunday for 3 hours is more a social and celebratary occasion, not a religious occasion and how could you call this 'limited' - the schedule is for 47 regular functions.

    One doesn't go to the pub to worship God, so why go to church to drink alcohol ?

    The licence application should be disallowed on simple moral grounds. Alcohol and religion don't mix and it will only bring more undesirable anti-social religious alcoholics to the neighborhood.

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