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Demolition of Existing Dwelling & Construction of a Dual Occupancy

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Sutherland Shire Council, reference DA14/1251)


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  1. STEVE ROBINSON commented

    1. The plan shows that lot 53 will have the shed, at the rear of the existing property, removed. I am concerned for the fact this is a fibro cement roof and wall shed, therefore I request that the contractors who remove the shed comply with the Asbestos removal regulation and that the neighbouring properties are suitably protected during the removal process. The same applies to the existing house that I believe contains asbestos fibro sheeting.

    2. As the new dwellings will be two storey construction and we are accustomed to living with single storey buildings, it will be intrusive to the neighbours’ privacy with the bedroom windows on the first floor facing into the properties, at the rear of the development.

    Consideration should be given to changing the windows facing the rear properties to prevent direct line of sight from the bedrooms into the adjoining properties.

    3. A suitable fence to be erected behind the property of Lot 53, agreeable to the neighbour located at 27 Parklands Avenue.

  2. Ben Targett commented

    1. I believe that the proposed design will impact significantly on our privacy as the current plans show a direct line of sight into living/recreation areas. I am concerned regarding the number of windows (# 12, 13, 29 & 30) on the first floor of the Eastern Elevation. I suggest that alternative measures be undertaken such as 1) Reduction of windows 2) Opaque glazing 3) Fixed louver system.

    2. I also am concerned about the removal of the current structures containing asbestos. These should be removed in a manner that complies with Australian guidelines.

    3. A suitable fence to be erected behind the property of Lot 52 & 53 which runs the FULL length of the current existing timber fence located on property 25 Parklands Avenue. The fence to be in agreement by all parties connected to Lot 52 & 53.

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