1 Barry Street Clovelly NSW 2031

Proposed stuio above new double garage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 1 day earlier.

(Source: Randwick City Council, reference DA-789/2014)

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  1. Geoffrey Lawrence and Natalie Howard commented

    30th November 2014

    Att: Perry Head

    Environmental Planning Officer
    Randwick City Council

    Re: DA/789/2014 (1 Barry Street, Clovelly)

    Dear Perry,

    In response to DA /789/2014 for Ms T T M Nguyen of 1 Barry St, Clovelly we object to the proposed construction of new rear outbuilding with double garage at ground floor level and a secondary dwelling above.

    Our objection to the proposed development is based on and supported by the clauses contained within the Randwick Comprehensive Development Control Plan 2013. These are:

    1. The proposed height of the development exceeds the maximum external wall height of 4.5m as stipulated in clause 8.1 of this Control Plan. This clause states, “All ancillary buildings fronting laneways must have a maximum height of not more than 6m. The maximum external wall height is limited to 4.5m.”

    2. Visual Privacy - The dormer projection windows are north facing which will look directly onto the lane and will impact the privacy of the existing dwellings opposite in Clift Lane. The areas in the dwellings opposite this proposed development that will be impacted are bedrooms and living areas.

    3. View Sharing – As stipulated in this plan “The concept of view sharing relates to the equitable distribution of views between development and neighbouring dwellings and the public domain. View sharing control aims to achieve a balance between facilitating quality development and preserving an equitable amount of views for the surrounding properties as far as is practicable and reasonable. “ With this proposed development we will lose ocean and district views from our downstairs internal and external living areas.

    4. There is a 100 year old Morton Bay Figtree in the property of 38 Knox St Clovelly. This tree is located in the rear of the property and overhangs into Barry Lane. The canopy of this tree currently overhangs in Barry lane and this proposed development will resulted in many of the branches being removed, which could result in destruction of this beautiful icon. We believe that this development is in breach of Clause Landscaping and Permeable Surfaces, stipulated as “To retain and provide for canopy trees and large shrubs to contribute to the establishment of vegetation corridors across the locality.”

    We believe that this tree maybe potentially heritage protected due to its local significance.

    5. Dual Occupancy Detached – The property of 1 Barry Street, Clovelly is currently a rental property and has been since the new owners took possession. The proposed development application is for a secondary dwelling (detached) at the rear of the property. As this property is zoned as Low Density we believe that this proposed DA is in breach of “Dual occupancies (detached) are only permissible in R3 (Medium Density Residential) Zones.”

    Based on the objections above we strongly oppose the proposed DA for 1 Barry Street Clovelly.

    Kind regards,

    Geoff Lawrence and Natalie Howard
    24 Greville Street
    Clovelly 2031

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