12 Eleanor Crescent Rooty Hill 2766, NSW

Dual occupancy - 2nd detached (single storey)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 6 years ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Blacktown City Council, reference DA:14-2168)

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  1. Katherine LeRoy commented

    I would like to raise concerns over the Dual Occupancy Development Application – DA 14-2168 at 12 Eleanor Crescent Rooty Hill NSW 2766 and the lack of proposed parking outlined in the submission.

    The application to covert the existing garage into a 1 bedroom granny flat, the plans that accompanied the submission do not show any off street parking for the new granny flat as well as the existing dwelling (3-bedroom house).

    According to Blacktown Development Control Plan 2006 – Development in Residential zones – Part C - Section 4 – Parking proposed parking plans are to be included at the time the plans are submitted, which they have not.

    Also it states “At least one accessible sealed off-street car parking space shall be provided on the site for each dwelling where the dwelling is 1 or 2 bedrooms and at least two accessible sealed off-street car parking spaces shall be provided on the site for each dwelling where the dwelling is 3 or more bedrooms’. The minimum 3 required parking spaces have not been provided for in the plans, and to the specifications as outlined in the Blacktown Development Control Plan 2006.

    12 Eleanor Crescent is located at the apex of cul-de-sac with little off street parking in front of the property and the street is already congested. The extra dwellings will potentially adding an extra 4 vehicles to be parked in the street.
    Also, new tenants have moved into the existing dwelling and own a Semi Trailer – parking the prime mover either on the street in the apex of the cul-de-sac or in the driveway but parked over the foot path, adding to the congestion and also restricting access to the current driveway for other vehicles as well as neighbouring driveways when parked in the street.

    Can the plans be resubmitted with the proposed parking allocation to comply with the Development Control Plan 2006.

    Kind Regards

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