56 Cotham Road Kew VIC 3101

Construction of a seven (7) storey building containing shops, food and drink premises and dwellings, reduction of the standard car parking requirement, waiver of the loading bay requirements and construction of a balcony over a Road Zone.

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 4 years ago. It was received by them 8 days earlier.

(Source: Boroondara City Council, reference PP14/01076)


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  1. Helen commented

    There is NOT enough parking in the Kew area now, let alone allowing another high rise building with residential and commercial activity and not ensuring that they have underground car parking. Residents cannot even park in their own streets because of the allowances that have been granted previously for the increase in commercial shops/restaurants in this area.

    Apart from that, this building is on the corner opposite the Alexandra Gardens - these gardens are used every day by the local community and a high rise building will cast shadows over the park.

    Kew junction already has problems with traffic flow and adding more high rise residential activity to the area will only increase the traffic problems.

    The City of Boroondara should consider the arguments put forward in the objection to the Camberwell Station development. I believe that Kew junction is at capacity for retail, commercial and residential and that the existing infrastructure, traffic etc will not cope with a 7 storey addition to this area.

    Having spoken with alot of local residents it is very clear that they want a low scale, small footprint building on this site - eg: the same size / height as what is currently there. If residents wanted to live in high rise/high density areas they would not have chosen to live in Gellibrand Street, Queen Street and surrounding areas. The local residents do not want this development!

    This permit should not be allowed as it will adversely affect the neighbouring properties that are behind the site (in Gellibrand Street) and will enclose their back gardens and they will have the shadow of the building and not get sunlight into their properties, the building will "dwarf" these houses (and these houses are not small houses).

    The council need to consider the needs of the residents, why the residents have purchased properties in this area in the first place and not allow commercial greed to adversely affect long standing local residents.

    If this site is granted permission for development it should be limited to the same height as the current building and under cover car parking should have to be provided in the build design.

  2. David C commented

    Each apartment has at least 2 underground car parks. Disappointed at the uniformed views above. Seems like a welcome development to this dad video store and empty retail site.

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