1F Robinson Avenue, Perth, WA, 6000

Proposed Change of Use from Office to Pharmacy (Unlisted Use) Including Signage

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 5 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Vincent City Council, reference 2014_-_July/No_1F_Lot_6_Robinson_Avenue)


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  1. Myra Robinson commented

    This is a one-way street with limited parking that isn't appropriate for retail. 1f is located too far from other parking on William st for the short stops people make to a pharmacy.
    Extra signage required for a pharmacy would be unattractive on this street corner. I would also suggest that this isolated location, amongst a number of one-way streets will not be a commercially viable location for a retail business.

  2. Erica & Jeff Jago commented

    We are opposed to this change from Office use to Retail use for a pharmacy for several reasons.
    Firstly, Robinson Avenue is a one way street with very limited parking.
    Secondly, there are 2 pharmacies within 3 minutes of this location (1 x cnr Newcastle & Beaufort Sts & 1 x Brisbane St).
    Thirdly, increased noise for residents with retail hours applying to a pharmacy.

  3. Darren Bowden commented

    I am opposed to this change to retail use mainly because of the already high volume of traffic in our street and the limited parking availability. There is already a number of existing pharmacies in the immediate location.

  4. Andrew commented

    As agreed with the above members of the community, this is NOT a suitable location for a pharmacy. As stated, this is a one-way street that is NOT suited for retail. A pharmacy would draw too many people to this small area due to the extended hours it would be allowed to trade, not to mention the unattractive fascade that would be erected in this quaint little street.

    There is also very limited parking, which would put further undue pressure on those of us trying to currently find a park.

    And finally, there is absolutely no community need to have a another pharmacy in this area, with 3 already within 500m and at least another 3 more within another 500m of that (6+ within a 1km radius).

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