Ramrod Av Hallett Cove

Construction of an ALDI Supermarket including amendments to Existing carpark

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 6 years ago. It was received by them 3 days earlier.

(Source: City of Marion, reference 100/837/2014)


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  1. Alex commented

    ALDI welcomed
    More competition (better quality, lower price) for Woolies and Coles

  2. Alex commented

    ALDI welcomed
    More competition (better quality, lower price) for Woolies and Coles

  3. Daniel Rider commented

    This needs to be approved!! Better competition and choice!!

  4. Diane commented

    would create more employment for the area

  5. lisa dann commented

    Aldi is VERY welcome at hallett cove!!

  6. Syd Bower commented

    I would support the construction of an Aldi Store at Hallett Cove. It would provide an alternative shopping experience (low cost home brands) to the existing retail shopping mix in this area.

  7. Bob Anesbury commented

    Aldi at Hallett Cove will be very welcome. My experience with them interstate has been very positive with their lines being both good quality and well priced. The sooner the better for me and my wife. Cheers, Bob A, Hallett Cove

  8. K Springford commented

    I don't welcome Aldi to Hallett Cove. They supply limited products, shutting local producers out of the market. I'll remain at Foodland, where I can find my favourite South Australian brands, thanks.

  9. Chris Thornton commented

    I understand the argument for jobs, improved choice and healthy competition etc. but the bottom line is that this is not an SA business and ultimately SA incomes will not remain in the state. Opening so many stores accross this area creates an increasing number of points where money leaves our local economy, never to return. Ever heard of the Walmart effect? Aldi are following this model and it is not secure long-term. Increasing localisation by encouraging a diversity of smaller businesses who source their goods from within the state and employ local people is the most sustainable way forward. I do not support Aldi in their plans.

  10. Garry commented

    How many more Supermarkets do we really need? We are already at saturation point in many areas. Aldi will provide a diminished range, no fresh meat section or service deli. A small range of bakery items and a limited range in produce. Be prepared to pack your own groceries which will be sourced from overseas suppliers in many cases. It will most certainly provide jobs at the expense of jobs at rival competitors. Will woolies and coles cut their prices to match? probably not because the products are not comparative.

  11. Peter commented

    Not only are we losing the parking spaces where the supermarket is going to be built but also the spaces taken up by the employees and people coming from all over to use Aldi.
    Because of the difficulty parking this could lead to less people using the centre and even More shops shutting down.

  12. Jane commented

    Yeah, about time an Aldi came to SA, been waiting years for this after using the stores in NSW.
    SA is so behind the times with everything.
    Aldi have great offers and now we can also reap the benefits,,
    :) :) :)

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