Shops 1, 2 & 3 57-59 Beach Rd, Bondi Beach 2026

Mamasan Bondi - Change liquor licence condition – app by licensee

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  1. Jared Antony commented

    As a resident of Glasgow Avenue I am within 150m walk from this premises.

    Over the past 12 months we have seen the number of alcohol related issues in the area rise. I have had 2 break ins to my property by drunk people urinating in my garden and another more serious incident where people scaled some temporary scaffolding I had on my property as part of a renovation. This involved the police.

    Glasgow Avenue has seen numerous instances of vandalism including fences and letter boxes being knocked down and tree limbs broken

    We are having more problems with parking as the number of patrons to Mamasan increases however of even greater annoyance is that these people often return to their vehicles throughout the evening up until Mamasan closes talking and carrying on. This wakes everyone in the household numerous times a night including our children.

    The proliferation of small bars in Bondi Beach is not serving the majority of the local community being families with young children (In our street there would be 12 families with children under the age of 6). It is causing problems through late night activity in what is a enclave of quiet households.

    In making the decision on this license one should be asking who is to benefit from the decision? It is the proprietor and not the community. There is no need for this establishment to have trading hours extended to the proposed time. I doubt there will be much notice taken of my submission as there seems to be little concern for the neighborhood when these decisions are made. If as I suspect that they are given permission to trade later I would suggest that they be responsible along with the beach road hotel for placing a security guard on the corner of Glasgow Avenue and Glenayre Avenue.

    I would also like to have parking areas patrolled for the 2 hour limit on Glasgow Avenue as this goes un-patrolled.


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