47 Cowle Street, West Perth, WA, 6005

Proposed demolition of existing single house construction of three (3) two storey grouped dwellings

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 6 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Vincent City Council, reference 2013_September/No_47_Lot_3_Cowle_Street)


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  1. Simon commented

    Cowle St in West Perth is one of the most preserved streets in inner city Perth with houses dating form mid-late victorian to 1940s, there are only one or two exceptions. Although some of the houses on this street have been long term low cost rentals which have not been maintained, and some have been abandoned for some time and not on the market for sale, the houses all appear to be structurally fine, and the general trend on the street is towards gentrification with a majority of houses being renovated and restored.

    The house at 47 Cowle St has been maintained fairly well, and the house presents well also. It keeps in with the character of the other houses on the street and it dates from about the early 1940s. To remove this house would be of a heritage concern. Although the house has no great heritage importance as a single house unto itself, it has importance in the general story of the street, in preserving the character of the street and sense of place.

    There is no reason in demolishing a house that has stood perfectly fine for 70 years and shows no sign of structural degradation. High density does not explain the cause either, as the block could be subdivided, the potential for medium density can be utilised while still preserving the character and the potential family friendly orientation of the street.

    Vacant land in the inner city should be the first priority in development, rather than to bulldoze established homes to create more vacant land for development. More attention should be paid to the heritage concerns and the lessons that can be learnt from precedents which have had a negative impact in this regard.

    Please consider saving this house from demolition and encourage the developer to consider another more, sensitive, sensible and pragmatic approach to developing this land.

    Thank you,

  2. Fiona commented

    Demolishing this structurally sound building would degenerate the heritage intergrity of Cowle St. I live around the corner on Carr st, & the demolition of the Victorian house that stood on part of 82 Carr St saddened me immensely. That house did not need to be demolished for the owners to develop as the block is clearly large enough to be sub-divided. I believe the option of sub division should be pushed onto owners that wish to develop their land that has an existing building of heritage value. Protection should not be limited to Heritage listed buildings as every old house on an inner city street brings character & historical integrity to the community as a whole.

    There are many including myself who would desire to live in a house like this one, many are willing to pay above market price for it, there is just not enough properties like this readily available on the market & when something like this does comes up, it gets snapped up. One only needs to look at all the character homes for sale in the area that has an Under Offer or Sold sticker on the sign.

    For whatever financial gain this project may reap, it will never replace the character this house contributes to the street. Don't let another piece of precious history get lost forever.

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