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Review request under Section 82A of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act to review Determination No. 201300028, dated 16 August 2013, being a refusal of a development application to conduct a weekend community market at Newtown Square for a maximum of 52 days a year on either Saturday or Sunday comprising a maximum of 50 stalls selling art, craft, clothing, jewellery, books, CDs, DVDs, bric-a-brac, other non consumables and pre-packaged food

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website almost 7 years ago. The date it was received by them was not recorded.

(Source: Inner West Council (Marrickville), reference DA201300028.01)


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  1. M Waring commented

    The little weekend market creates a nice little social centre for locals and does not draw custom away from the local shops. Having people at a market is a lot nicer way to use the square than abandoning it to the tables of a single restaurant that is based there and people who gather there to drink alcohol at other times.

    Most of the stuff that is for sale is just bric a brac of the sort sold in garage sales and does not compete with local shops. I agree that the Turkish Gozleme that used to be there probably drew custom from some of the local takeaways but the other stands do not create a genuine threat to other businesses.

  2. Joe Ortenzi commented

    I do not understand how this beautiful market was refused. It supplies interest trade and character to this wonderful but otherwise empty space.
    This market has been a regular and wonderful spot for me and my friends and I see no valid reason, having read all the council statements, why it was refused. They obviously didn't consult with local residents, all of whom love it.

    In particular the space at the lower end is under utilised and would be a great addition.

    Please reverse the decision and allow the market to continue with supervision.

    Thank you!

  3. Nicola Perrry commented

    Closing the markets was a ridiculous idea.

    The stalls did not compete with local businesses. They encouraged people to come out into the area, look at the bric a brac on offer (and maybe buy something from enterprising locals) and then go spend their money at a cafe or bookshop down the road.

    The markets are a tremendous asset to Newtown and the surrounding area and removing them would be detrimental to the wider community.

  4. RL commented

    Please allow the market to keep going. I do not understand how it takes any business away from any other businesses in the area - it is a completely different kind of thing and appeals to old Newtowners and new. It is a vital part of the area - I used to come to the Newtown Market when I would visit from Melbourne. Now I live in St Peters and will look in every few weeks or so.

    I can't help but feel this is coming from somewhere else. Do incoming newer locals dislike the market because it is bric-a-brac and secondhand wares? is it too down at heel for the "new" Newtown? Do Liberal counsellors want it gone???

    There is room for all in Newtown. You should remember that before trying to change it.

  5. Rebecca Ames commented

    As a resident of Newtown, I believe that this market adds a lovely feeling to King Street and can only bring in more customers for the area as a whol;e. I often frequent it to buy bread and candles, then amble up the road and into shops I had not thought of going into. Thus, I am the perfect incidental buyer that the area is trying to attract.

    I agree with other posters that the market keeps out some of the less salubrious inhabitants of that part of King St and contributes positively overall. I would like to see it expanded with more emphasis on quality food and produce but only to a max of 30 or so stalls, anymore and it becomes too large.

  6. Molly Furzer commented

    Newtown Neighbourhood centre's market is true to the historical character of Newtown - second-hand wares, affordable snacks, alternative handmade clothing and jewellery. As a local, I visit the market in addition to shopping at the retailers on King St. The market provides a personal ambience to Newtown that is taken away by the intense traffic on King St. The market actually makes it a pleasure to linger in a public space in Newtown, rather than rush by.
    I teach yoga in two locations on King St within a block of the Neighbourhood Centre. At night there is often a band set up on the footpath playing music while at day there is a market stall or the larger Saturday markets. All of this adds to the character of Newtown - where else do you see a fully amplified band playing on a footpath?
    As more chain retailers open on King St, and the quirky shops disappear due to rising rent, we must at least retain some of the arty/alternative nature that has brought residents and visitors to this area for the past few decades. Newtown is at risk of becoming a boring version of inner-city suburbia without the individuality it has become famous for.
    I would also like to suggest that the markets are providing a more affordable service for people on low incomes.
    It seems that council members regard King St as purely a business district and not a community centre. I implore council to approve this DA and ensure that the markets can proceed into the future.

  7. Peter McGee commented

    I think the markets add a vibrancy to the shopping strip. I'm not convinced that the stallholders pose a threat to established businesses in the area, if there is a correlation between the markets and the established shops it would be that the markets attract visitors to the area who will go on to shop at other venues in the precinct.

    The market are eclectic, eccentric and part of the village life at Newtown.

  8. G. Blunden commented

    I've been a visitor to Newtown for many years and chose, two and half years ago, to move into the area. My decision was driven to a great extent by the vibrant life of King Street, in particular the markets, festivals and alternative offerings for which Newtown in famous.

    The markets in question sit at the very heart of King Street, contribute enormously to the life of the area and to Newtown's reputation as weekend destination for people all over Sydney and beyond.

    I give my full support for the bedford street markets in Newtown to continue.

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