1939 Tarome Road, Moorang, QLD

Impact Assessment: Intensive Animal Husbandry (Rural Use) (Poultry Farm), Caretakers Residence (Residential Use), Boundary Realignment and Access Easement and Associated Environmental Relevant Activities (ERAs)4(2)

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We found this application for you on the planning authority's website over 6 years ago. It was received by them 5 days earlier.

(Source: Scenic Rim Regional Council, reference COM.Bn/00002)


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  1. rod davis commented

    Council decided to make the section of this road a wildlife corridor which is great. Why put this in jeopardy with increased traffic and huge trucks delivering to these sheds. These roads are not equipped to handle such traffic being of gravel construction.I fear an accident.
    Graziers also use this road to frequently move cattle to and from the dip facility located on moorang lane.l feel this area coming in and going out from the proposed sheds to be too sensitive to allow this development.

  2. Julie lamont commented

    The wildlife using this corridor need some protection from increased traffic. There are numerous species of wallaby and kangaroo, carpet pythons, phasigales, koalas, echidnas, goannas, ducks, scrub turkeys, bandicoots and bearded dragons. I check the pouches of dead roos looking for surviving joeys, and am shocked by the carnage. An increase in traffic [particularly semis and double b's which cannot easily brake on a road that already has many sharp corners and blind spots] will impact on the wildlife even more. Also, returning the Moorang corridor sign to the Calemondah end of the road where the gravel begins would be welcomed. The graziers also feed and move their cattle along this road. With increased traffic, the risk of serious accidents become a very real concern. There would not be a member of the local community who, at some stage, has not come around a bend to face an oncoming vehicle face on. It is quite frightening with neither driver being at fault due to the poor conditions of the road. With trucks and double B's working to time rosters and reknowned for their cutting of corners and [speed], travelling on this road would create a higher potential for serious accidents.

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